Warsaw and Karlsruhe Nanotechnology Day

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Poster Johannes Binder Impact of internal electric fields for GaInN/GaN quantum wells in light emitting diodes

September 22nd, Thursday

09:00 LECTURE - Welcome and introduction
09:10 LECTURE - Scientific infrastructures: Karlsruhe - Warsaw
09:10 00:15:00 Invited oral Romuald B. Beck Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies -CEZAMAT
09:25 00:10:00 Invited oral Grzegorz Chałasiński Scientific infrastructures and large scale facilities in Poland; CEPT, CENT I and CENT III
09:35 00:25:00 Invited oral Christian Kuebel Scientific infrastructure and large scale facilities -KIT (KNMF&ANKA)
10:00 LECTURE - Mechanical properties of nanomaterials
10:00 00:25:00 Invited oral Patric Gruber Reability of nanomaterials - Plasticity, fractures and fatigue of ultra thin matallic films
10:25 00:25:00 Invited oral Zbigniew Pakieła Mechanical properties of nanometals
10:50 00:25:00 Invited oral Malgorzata Lewandowska Scale up of nanometals production
11:15 00:25:00 Invited oral Hans-Jörg Fecht Mechanical properties of nanomaterials
11:40 COFFEE
12:00 LECTURE - Nanomaterials and nanostructures for electronic applications
12:00 00:25:00 Invited oral Ralph Krupke Devices from sorted carbon nanotubes
12:25 00:25:00 Invited oral Jacek Baranowski Graphene epitaxy by chemical vapor deposition on SiC.
12:50 00:25:00 Invited oral Marcel Mayor Organic Molecules for Molecular Electronics: from single molecules to new integration strategies
13:15 00:25:00 Invited oral Ewa Gorecka Liquid Crystal Nanoparticles
13:40 00:25:00 Invited oral Robert Kruk Printed electronics based on inorganic nanomaterials
14:05 LUNCH
14:30 LECTURE - continuation of previous session
14:30 00:25:00 Invited oral Andrzej J. Mościcki Silver nano-inks for printable electronics
14:55 LECTURE - Nanomaterials and nanostructures for energy storage
14:55 00:25:00 Invited oral Ludwika Lipińska Materials for lithium ion batteries
15:20 00:25:00 Invited oral Maximilian Fichtner Conversion Materials for Energy Storage
15:45 00:25:00 Invited oral Horst Hahn Structure and properties of nanoglasses
16:35 POSTER
16:35 #1 Poster Witold Chromiński Tailoring microstucture and mechanical properties of 6063 aluminium alloy for lightweight structural parts of chairs
16:35 #2 Poster Ewelina A. Ciecierska Modification of epoxy resin properties by adding multi wall carbon nanotubes
16:35 #3 Poster Kacper Grodecki Pinned and unpinned epitaxial and sublimated graphene on SiC
16:35 #4 Poster Paweł Izdebski Effect of nanostructure on low temperature glow discharge nitriding of an austenitic stainless steel
16:35 #5 Poster Aleksandra E. Kędzierska Wet chemical methods of manufacturing alumina nanopowders
16:35 #6 Poster Marta Kossakowska Funkcjonalne opakowania firmy Arso-Polański Sp. zo.o. z warstwą kompozytu polimerowego na bazie nanoZnO. Mikrofalowa solwotermalna synteza nanotlenku cynku.
16:35 #8 Poster Monika Michalska Synthesis and studies on LiMn2O4/Carbon nanocomposites as a cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
16:35 #9 Poster Monika Michalska NANONET Foundation
16:35 #10 Poster Karolina Z. Milowska Mechanical and electrical  properties of functionalized carbon nanotubes and graphene layers
16:35 #11 Poster Kamila Pietrzak Effect of addition of nanosilica on the properties of ureaurethane nanocomposites
16:35 #12 Poster Dariusz Smoleń Solvothermal synthesis of nonstoichiometric hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
16:35 #13 Poster Marcin Stolarek Numerical analysis of plasmonic superprism.
16:35 #14 Poster Tomasz Strachowski Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanopowders
16:35 #15 Poster Anna Wolska Modification of flexible polyurethane foams by addition of carbon nanotubes
16:35 #16 Poster Jacek Zakrzewski Novel aminostibenes - potentially new materials for both photoconductive imaging and switching techniques.
16:35 #17 Poster Grzegorz Kępisty Influence of  SiC substrate orientation on epitaxial graphene quality studied by Raman spectroscopy
16:35 #18 Poster Anna Swiderska - Sroda Influence of heat treatment on luminescence of ZrO+ Eu nanopowders
16:35 #19 Poster Anna Swiderska - Sroda Nanosafety - challenge of nowadays
16:35 #20 Poster Jacek Wojnarowicz Solvothermal synthesis of doped nano zinc oxide for the project NanoFATE.
16:50 DINNER
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