Numerical analysis of plasmonic superprism.

Marcin Stolarek ,  Rafał Kotyński 

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Fizyki, ul. Pasteura 5, Warszawa 02-093, Poland


We analyse the optical properties of nano-elements consisting of plasmonic superresolving metamaterials [1,2]. This contribution is focused on layered metal-dielectric prism-shaped structures with layer thickness in the order of 10nm [3].
The effective uniaxial permittivity tensor of the metamaterial contains an extremely large component value in the direction perpendicular to layer surfaces and components that assure impedance matching in the parallel directions. The extreme anisotropy of the metamaterial enables diffraction-free propagation through the device. Moreover, a broad range of spatial frequencies is propagated through the structure resulting in a resolution that overcomes the Rayleigh diffraction limit.
We present rigorous FDTD electromagnetic simulations, assuming a Drude dispersion model for silver and a non-dispersive model for the dielectric. We study beam focusing and coupling efficiency as a function of apex angle [4].
The presented results prove the possibility of using plasmonic prisms for energy focusing in a sub-wavelength-sized region. Other possible application areas range from optical interconnects, novel lithographic elements with improved resolution up to components of optical cloaks.

This work is supported by the Polish research project N N202 033237.

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Lett. 85, 3966, 2000.
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Presentation: Poster at Warsaw and Karlsruhe Nanotechnology Day, by Marcin Stolarek
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