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Thermal neutron scattering from the hydrogen-metal systems in terms of general multi-sublattice jump diffusion model - II: Remarks on hydrogen diffusion in the α-phase of Nb-H

Ryszard Kutner ,  Izabela Sosnowska 

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (FPUW), Pasteura 5, Warsaw 02-093, Poland


The two-parameter Multi-Sublattice Jump Diffusion Model (MSJD), presented in Part I [1], is applied to Hydrogen diffusion in the α-phase of Nb-H. It is proved, mainly on the the basis of quasielastic neutron scattering experiments on a single crystal of NbH 0.09 [2] at T= 510 K, that diffusion occurs as a result of jumps between adjacent and second nearest neighbor tetrahedral interstitial sites.

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 38 (1977), 747


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