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Diffusion in concentrated lattice gases IV. Diffusion coefficient of tracer particle with different jump rate

Ryszard Kutner ,  Klaus W. Kehr 


We have investigated tracer diffusion in a three-dimensional lattice gas of arbitrary concentration by Monte-Carlo simulation. The tracer particle has a jump rate which differs from that of the other particles. Results are presented for the tracer correlation factor for various concentrations and ratios of the jump rates. At high particle concentration, Manning's theory for impurity diffusion is applicable. The critical behaviour near the percolation threshold of the vacancies is compared with the scaling laws given by Gefen, Aharony and Alexander and their generalization to a finite jump rate of the other particles. A recent theory proposed by Nakazato and Kitahara provides a good description of the data at small particle concentration.

Philosophical Magazine A 48, 199 (1983).


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