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Comparative Analysis of Income Distributions in the European Union and the United States

Maciej Jagielski ,  Rafał J. Duczmal ,  Ryszard Kutner 

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics (IFDUW), Hoża 69, Warsaw 00-681, Poland


We prove that the most rafined approach - our extension of the Yakovenko et al. model - is a universal in the sense that it well describes both household incomes in the European Union and the individual incomes in the United States for all income social classes. This prove was based on our comparative study of various kinds of incomes. The study constitutes a basis for the finding of an impact of the recent world-wide financial crisis on the volatility of various temporary Pareto exponents and on other parameters of the model.

Acta Physica Polonica A 127, A-75 (2015).


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