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Anomalous Diffusion: From Basics to Applications

Ryszard Kutner 1Andrzej Pękalski 2Katarzyna B. Sznajd-Weron 3

1. Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (FPUW), Pasteura 5, Warsaw 02-093, Poland
2. Wrocław University, Institute of Theoretical Physics (IFT UWr), pl. Maksa Borna 9, Wrocław 50-205, Poland
3. Politechnika Wrocławska (PWR), Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego, Wrocław 50-370, Poland


This collection of articles gives a nice overview of the fast growing field of diffusion and transport. The area of non-Browman statistical mechanics has many extensions into other fields like biology, ecology, geophysics etc. These tutorial lectures address e.g. Lévy flights and walks, diffusion on metal surfaces or in superconductors, classical diffusion, biased and anomalous diffusion, chemical reaction diffusion, aging in glassy systems, diffusion in soft matter and in nonsymmetric potentials, and also new problems like diffusive processes in econophysics and in biology.

Lecture Notes in Physics Vol. 519 (1999).


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