The EMRS 2007 Fall Meeting Exhibition encompassing the full spectrum of equipment, instrumentation, products, software, publications, services and new R&D solutions is scheduled for September 17-20 in Warsaw University of Technology Main Hall, convenient to the symposia rooms, poster sessions and main reception, in the very centre of public concern.

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WUT - EMRS Conference

141 Woloska St. , 02-507 Warszawa, Poland

PEKAO S.A. IV O/Warszawa

IBAN: PL 79124020929522109001000000


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Mo ( Sept. 1711:00 – 18:00
Tu ( Sept. 18)    09:00 – 18:00
We (Sept.19)   09:00 – 18:00

Th ( Sept. 20)   09:00 – 18:00
(Sept.21) from 09:00 booth dismantling


  • RECEPTION at ELSEVIER booth on Monday Sept.17..... ................. 17:00
  • WORKSHOP  OLYMPUS room 305 Tuesday Sept.18........................ lunch-time 
  • WORKSHOP at ESTECO booth on Thursday Sept.20........................ 17:00

For detailed information about this events, please click here.

Goods e.g. EQUIPMENT must be delivered/transported to the booth directly by the Exhibitor (Conference Venue – WUT Main Building – Pl.Politechniki 1) and arranged at times other than the official show hours!





in order of apply


Alfa Aesar GmbH & Co KG
Zeppelinstrasse 7
Postbox 110765
76057 Karlsruhe

Phone: 0721-84007-260
Fax: 0721-84007-300


Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials. With over 27,000 products listed in its catalogue, Alfa Aesar is the single source for customers’ needs for chemicals and materials in sizes for research and scale up. The Alfa Aesar Catalogue carries: Organic compounds, High purity inorganics, Pure elements, alloys, Precious metal catalysts, AA/ICP standards and more.

Alfa Aesar has sales offices and distribution facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia and a distributor network covering the globe.




LOT-Oriel GmbH & Co. KG

Im Tiefen See 58
D-64293 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 6151 - 88 06 0
Fax: +49 6151 – 896667


LOT-Oriel was founded in 1970 initially as a sales and marketing company for optical components. The abbreviation "L.O.T.” stands for laser, optics and technology, thus outlining the company’s product range. Today, LOT-Oriel is a supplier of equipment and technology in the fields of optical spectroscopy, analytics, laser technology, surface analytics and nanobiotechnology.

One major focus of the company’s nanotechnology activities is the Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) in different aspects.

• The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Pacific Nanotechnology features a robust design and easy handling. That allows AFM studies to be carried out alos in routine and quality control,

• Infinitesima overcomes another disadvantage of conventional SPM's, that is the long time needed to aquire an image, With this accessory AFM images can be aquired at video rates.




Avenue Louise 149
1050 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 5333803


COST- the acronym for European COoperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research- is the oldest and widest European intergovernmental network for cooperation in research. Established by the Ministerial Conference in November 1971, COST is presently used by the scientific communities of 35 European countries to cooperate in common research projects supported by national funds.

The funds provided by COST - less than 1% of the total value of the projects - support the COST cooperation networks (COST Actions) through which, with only around €20 million per year, more than 30.000 European scientists are involved in research having a total value which exceeds €2 billion per year. This is the financial worth of the European added value which COST achieves.

A “bottom up approach” (the initiative of launching a COST Action comes from the European scientists themselves), “à la carte participation” (only countries interested in the Action participate), “equality of access” (participation is open also to the scientific communities of countries not belonging to the European Union) and “flexible structure” (easy implementation and light management of the research initiatives ) are the main characteristics of COST.

As precursor of advanced multidisciplinary research COST has a very important role for the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA) anticipating and complementing the activities of the Framework Programmes, constituting a “bridge” towards the scientific communities of emerging countries, increasing the mobility of researchers across Europe and fostering the establishment of “Networks of Excellence” in many key scientific domains such as: Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences; Food and Agriculture; Forests, their Products and Services; Materials, Physics and Nanosciences; Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies; Earth System Science and Environmental Management; Information and Communication Technologies; Transport and Urban Development; Individuals, Society, Culture and Health. It covers basic and more applied research and also addresses issues of pre-normative nature or of societal importance.



LogoBlock.jpg KURT J. LESKER Company

16 Ivyhouse Lane
Hastings, East Sussex
TN35 4NN, England

Phone: 44-1424-719101
Fax: 44-1424-426233


is a world class manufacturer & distributor of high and ultra-high vacuum components and thin film deposition systems, used by university, government, and industrial R & D facilities; OEMs; semiconductor processors; industrial vacuum coaters; and others in thin film deposition market segments.

TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES:We have in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities for a large range of projects (beamline components, space simulators, complex manipulators, complete deposition systems, etc)

EXPERIENCE:We have supplied vacuum components (including valves, special feedthroughs fabricated items) to most of the government labs across Europe and North America

UHV technology, sample manipulation & transfer, manufacture of stainless steel products (chambers, specials, sub assys), distribution of complete range of vacuum products

AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop & Solid Edge modelling software; ISO9001 accredited

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITIES:Various alliances with Universities in UK & USA for R&D work

PRODUCTION FACILITIES:UK manufacturing base in Hastings, Sussex, UK
75,000 sq ft production facility in Pittsburgh, USA




Voltastrasse 5
D-13355 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 46 78 24 0
Fax: +49 30 46 42 08 3


SPECS leads the way for state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge components and individually designed complex systems for surface analysis.

Manufacturing cutting-edge systems and components for surface analysis in UHV, based on methods like XPS, UPS, AES, ISS, STM, LEEM/PEEM, LEED, SIMS, SNMS and HREELS is our mission.

We offer a variety of sources for deposition, excitation and charge neutralization as well as analyzers, monochromators and research microscopes like LEEM, STM and LT-STM. A strong focus of our work is on customized systems combining thin film preparation (MBE) with spectroscopic and microscopic options.




Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
Limburger Str. 75
D-65232 Taunusstein

Phone: +49 61289870
Fax: +49 6128987185


Omicron NanoTechnology is the world’s leading supplier of analytical instrumentation solutions in nanotechnology research and development. We create innovative instrumentation with state-of-the-art. performance and uniquely combine tools into sophistlcated multi-technigue analytical systems. This is the "Multi-technique" philosophy.

A few examples for this philosophy are:

- MBE, PVO, SPM, Sputtering, Annealing, ALD and More -> Creating Tomorfow's,Materials Today!

- Stand-Alone MBL'-> From Small Samples up.to 4" Wafer

- MBE & SPM -> Combined in a Single System

- MBE & SPM & Spectroscopy -> MBE meets NanoAnalytics

- Fast & Reliable High Performance ESCA Analysis -> "ESCA+"

- 3 nm UHV SEM & 5 nm SAM -> "NanoSAM Lab"

- Imaging ESCA with 650 nm Resolution -> "NanoESCA"

- Atomic Resolution nc_AFM at 5 K with Qplus Sensor Technology -> "MULTIPROBE LT"

We support more than 30 different experimental technigues, and for each you will find a number of speciailists in our company who can support you in project planning, assessment of technique suitabillty, system design, equipment (raining, applications support, and system upgrades)

Along with the wide range of standard modular solutions we offer, Omicron also maintains the unique flexibility, expertise and infrastructure to develop completely new concepts to meet nearly every possible special customer requirement. We are a partner for our customers in research and analysis, in every respect a "Scientific Company" with over twenty years of experience.




Caburn MDC Europe Ltd.
12 Horsted Square
Bellbrook Business Park
Uckfield, East Sussex
TN22 1QG
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)870 428 7646
Fax: +44 (0)870 428 7647





ESTECO srl Headquarters
AREA Science Park, Padriciano 99
34012 Trieste

Phone: +39 040 3755548
Fax: +39 040 3755549


was created in 1999 to convert the tools created by its founders while working on FRONTIER, a European Union-sponsored project on Design Optimization, into a successful commercial product. It took ESTECO only two years to deliver on its promise, turning an academic-based research product into a world-class, multi-objective optimization software environment: modeFRONTIER

Since then, ESTECO's staff of experts in optimization techniques, numerical analysis and information technology has been expanded to acquire new skills, positioning the company as ideal partners for engineering organizations looking to take full advantage of their human and computational resources.



Z.I de la Gaudrée logo.jpg
11 rue Marie Poussepin
B.P 43; 91412 Dourdan Cedex

Phone: (33) 164 59 35 20
(33) 164 59 72 22


Veeco provides solutions for nanoscale applications in the worldwide scientific research, semiconductor, data storage, and high- brightness-LED/ wireless markets. Veeco’s surface metrology product line includes atomic force/scanning probe microscopes, optical metrology tools and stylus profilers. These products offer a broad range of solutions to customers in the data storage and semiconductor industries, as well as versatile tools for use by research and development centers and universities. Veeco atomic force microscopes have become the “industry standards” for atomic imaging and molecular measurements. They are designed for data storage, semiconductor and research and other industrial applications. Veeco stylus profilers are used to produce cross-sectional representations and/or quantitative measurements, which are displayed on a video monitor. Veeco Optical Profilers are designed to make non-contact surface measurements using interferometry technology.Applications range from nanotechnology, biotechnology, tribology to thin films and MEMS. Our Process Equipment tools help create nanoscale devices and include MOCVD, ion beam etch and deposition, physical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, precision lapping and dicing technologies.

In keeping with its commitment to technological product leadership and growth in each of its product lines, Veeco continually introduces new products.






809 Country Way, P.O. box 246
MA02060 Scituate; USA

Phone: (781) 545 7365
Fax: (781) 545 4105


Sputtering and E-beam Systems for R&D and Pilot Production. Static and Rotating Magnetron Sputter Sources for HV and UHV, Substrate Holders with Rotation, RF Biasing, Heating and Cooling; Sputter Targets, Microwave, RF and DC Power Supplies, Microwave Components and Plasma Sources, RF Ion/Plasma Sources.




Raciborska 61
44-362 Rogów

Phone: (4832) 4592000

Fax: (4832) 4592001 


PREVAC was founded in Rogow in 1996, Poland (Silesia). From the beginning its efforts are focused on the accurate cooperation with the customers.

PREVAC specializes in designing and manufacturing the complete customized measurement systems for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin layers and nanomaterials. Company deals with the advising and solving the vacuum problems for industrial applications, too. PREVAC Ltd. always tries to fulfill the sophisticated needs of its customers and therefore it designs non-standard measurement systems. For example it combines different measurement methods into one robust, Multi-Chamber Vacuum System.

PREVAC can fit out measurement systems with the vacuum components of the highest quality thanks to the cooperation with the world-leading vacuum technology companies like OErlikon Leybold Vacuum, Standford Research System, Gamma Vacuum, CeramTec North America Corporation and the others.

PREVAC delivers systems also to the customers who want to carry out new kind of experiments and standard measurement systems do not meet their exact expectations. Our customers are located mainly in EU, Japan and China.

PREVAC offers dependable warranty service and post-warranty maintenance of all manufactured and delivered products. We would like to invite you to come to know more about our know-how. We are always ready to supply equipment in accordance with your expectations constantly looking at the ways to improve our service to you. We hope that a wide range of our products and professional service will take your interest in cooperation with PREVAC as a reliable and innovative partner.





Corporate Office
The Boulevard, Langford Lane,
Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB

Phone: (44) 1865 843000
Fax: (44) 1865 843010


Elsevier sponsors the 2007 E-MRS Fall Meeting

Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of STM information products and services. Working in partnership with the global science and health communities, Elsevier publishes more than 2,000 journals and 1,900 new books per year, in addition to offering a suite of innovative electronic products, such as
ScienceDirect® ( http://www.sciencedirect.com/ ),
MD Consult ( http://www.mdconsult.com/ ),
Scopus ( http://www.info.scopus.com/ ),
bibliographic databases, and online reference works.

Elsevier publishes leading materials journals, including the Acta Materialia Inc. trio of prestigious journals, which includes Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia and Acta Biomaterialia.
Visit our booth to pick up free copies of Elsevier materials journals. Food and drink will be supplied at the Acta Reception on Monday 17 th September from 5pm.



ntmdt.jpg NT-MDT Europe BV
De Pinckart 54
5674 CC Nuenen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)55 540 25 65
Fax: +31 (0)55 540 25 66


  NT-MDT enjoys a 15-year history in instrumentation created specifically for nanotechnology research, leading the field in originality, quality, and high tech development.
     Our mission is to enable researchers, engineers and developers to conduct nanoscale research by creating ever more perfect nanotechnology instrumentation.
Along the way, we maintain a global perspective, always taking into consideration the needs of student in the classroom, the researcher at the cutting edge in the laboratory, and the practicalities of industrial R&D.
     We strive for next-generation SPM technology, whether it be in pure modularity that allows a university or industrial lab to start with a cost-effective core product and build to a grand, multi-user research center or the ultimate amalgamation of SPM with related technologies that has resulted in ultramicrotomy for nanotomography and spectroscopy-based instruments that meld the world of imaging with the world of chemical analysis. We believe passionately in pushing the envelope for rapid innovation while still delivering superb customer service.
     Whether you are engaged every day in nano research or just contemplating it, coupling your specific scientific knowledge and expertise with our competence in instrument creation will produce the highest quality research results currently available.
     NT-MDT offers expert service and applications development through more than 20 representative offices and distributor centers around the globe including two key branch offices in Holland and America. In the past five years, our installed base has grown to over 700 instruments, promoting growth of both lab and research programs world-wide.
     Our role as leaders in the field of innovation in nanotechnology is illustrated by the recent award of the "R&D 100" 2006 for the NTEGRA Spectra.




Scientific and Research Instruments

  Hqr: 41 Kalinowa St.
40-750 Katowice, Poland
Phone: (48) 32 2034149

 36/317A Rakowiecka St.
02-532 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: (48) 22 8481844
Fax: (48) 22 6063620 

E-mail: comef@comef.com.pl


COMEF is representing in Poland leading French, Japanese, American, Danish and German producers of scientific and research equipment. We offer equipment, full service and technical advice concerning methods of measurement e.g. Adixen (Alcatel) ; Anton Paar ; Cameca ; Climats Sapratin ; Cressington ; Dansensor ; Digital Data Systems ; Goratec ; GV Instruments ; Hitachi ; Horiba ; Horiba Jobin Yvon ; MTS Nano Instruments ; Newport.

The effort put into continuous improvement of quality and customer service motivated us to apply for ISO 9001:2000 certificate. We received it according to TÜV CERT procedure in December 2005.

Product Specialty: Spectra-Physics Lasers, Newport Photonics, Vibration and Motion Control, Optics and Opto-Mechanics, Oriel Light Sources, Spectroscopy Instruments, Detectors and Detection Systems, Optical Filters, Hilger Crystals, Diffraction Gratings.



Elmitec GmbH

Albrecht von Groddeck Str.3
D-38678 Germany

Phone: (49) 53231806
Fax: (49) 532378932

ELMITEC Elektronenmikroskopie GmbH is an experienced and vigorous company dedicated to the development, production and service of ultra high vacuum (UHV) cathode lens surface electron microscopes and accessories for these and other surface science instruments.

   The company evolved from the Arbeitsgruppe of Prof. Ernst Bauer, the inventor of the low energy electron microscope (LEEM). Most of the company members come from this Arbeitsgruppe and therefore have extensive experience not only in UHV surface electron microscopy but in surface science instrumentation in general.

   As a small business ELMITEC is able to adapt much better to customer wishes than larger electron microscope producers. Its surface science roots ensure optimum UHV compatibility. Its organizational structure makes an excellent performance / price ratio possible.



Oxford Instruments

North End, Yatton, Bristol
BS49 4AP, UK Tel +44 (0) 1934 837000
Fax +44 (0) 1934 837001


We offer flexible, configurable process tools and leading edge processes for the precise, controllable and repeatable etching, deposition and growth of micro- and nano-structures.

Our systems provide process solutions for the micro- and nanometre engineering of materials for semiconductor, optoelectronics, MEMS & microfluidics, high quality optical coating and many other applications in micro- and nanotechnology. These solutions are based on core technologies in:   plasma enhanced deposition and etch; atomic layer deposition (ALD); molecular beam epitaxy (MBE);  ion beam deposition and etch; nanoscale growth systems.

Products range from compact stand-alone systems for R&D, through batch tools and up to clustered cassette-to-cassette platforms for high-throughput production processing.



Picosun Oy
Tietotie 3
FI-02150 Espoo

Phone: +358 50 321 1955 Fax: +358 20 722 7012

Email: info@picosun.com


Picosun is an international equipment manufacturer with world-wide sales and service organization. Picosun is based in Espoo, Finland and has its US headquarters in Detroit. Picosun Oy is a part of Stephen Industries Inc Oy.

Picosun develops and manufactures Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) reactors for micro- and nanotechnology applications. Picosun’s personnel has pioneering experience in ALD since 1974 and has contributed to more than 100 patents on ALD. Picosun’s mission is to provide the customers with user-friendly, reliable and affordable tools.

Picosun continues the Finnish three-decade-old tradition of manufacturing ALD reactors, developing affordable and modular ALD tools scalable from research to production. Picosun’s ALD tools are compatible with halide precursors. These ALD tools consist of a vacuum chamber and a hot-wall reaction chamber inside of a vacuum chamber, which makes processing fast and safe. Picosun’s standard ALD tool has a proprietary symmetrical top-flow design making the deposition extremely uniform. The deposited films are pinhole-free and conformal even in the highest aspect ratio structures. Picosun’s ALD reactors are installed at various universities, research institutes and companies across Europe, USA and Asia.




OPTICON Nanotechnology Sp. z o. o.

           ul. Muchoborska 18 / (Lab address)   54-424 Wrocław


OPTICON Nanotechnology Sp. z o. o. is an experienced polish company with a strong scientific background on the field of surface science and analytics, located in the Wroclaw Technology Park. Its area of activity covers subjects as research, development and production of the advanced instrumentation for a spectroscopic and microscopic analysis of materials. The complete understanding and control of complex processes and materials on the nanometric scale requires usage of advanced research techniques and instruments. We have recognized that the growing miniaturization and compactness structured systems demands not only sufficient lateral resolving power of such instruments, but also their capability to supply the local electronic and magnetic information. Under laboratory conditions, in the case of illumination with UV light source, excitation of photoelectrons from the valence band occurs, allowing for the work function contrast only. We have developed and patented the novel technique that allows to overcome this limitation by an introduction of the unique concept of the primary beam electron illumination of the sample into the immersion lens configuration. The technique called „Dual Emission Electron spectroMicroscopy” ( DEEM) and the dedicated product family will be presented at the session J and during the exhibition.



Olympus Polska sp. z o.o.

Suwak 3, 02-676 Warsaw

Phone: +48 22 366 00 77

Fax: +48 22 831 04 53



A leading manufacturer of professional opto-digital products, Olympus pioneers key technologies in the fields of imaging and voice products, endoscopy, microscopy, bioanalytics and diagnostics.

The Olympus brand stands for

  • innovative opto-digital technologies, outstanding design and top quality
  • intense customer orientation and fast implementation of customers’ wishes and market requirements
  • creativity and originality when developing new products and efficient systems solutions.


will be presenting its offer also in a room 305 (3rd floor).

Special event: Tuesday, Sept. 18, lunch-time


The E-MRS 2007 Fall Meeting & Exhibition is funded, in part, by the generous contributions of these companies:

LOGO.JPGpresenting its latest product: Logo_modeFRONTIER_HR_185k.GIF




Grzegorz Wojas
Exhibition Coordinator

Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
141 Wołoska St.; 02-507 Warsaw, POLAND
e-mail: grzewo@inmat.pw.edu.pl
Phone/fax : (+48 22) 2348108

Fax: (+48 22) 2348750 (WUT office)