Recent progress in research and fabrication of shape memory materials has opened the opportunity to develop novel smart systems, which are capable of sensing and actuating and thus may respond to their thermal, mechanical and magnetic environment in a controllable way. Meeting the demands of smart systems requires the development of new multifunctional materials, detailed material characterization, the development of models of material behavior and technologies for implementation.

The event intends to continue the tradition of a previous Symposium at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005 emphasizing the basic physics, materials research and early engineering development in this rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field. Experts from the materials science, mechanics and application communities are encouraged to participate. One focus will be on magnetic shape memory alloys and systems, which are currently a hot topic in materials science.


The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

· Shape Memory Materials

Shape memory alloys (SMAs); magnetic SMAs, high temperature SMAs, Ni-free SMAs, nanocrystalline SMAs; shape memory polymers, composites

· Characterization

Transformation behavior, phase states, crystal structure and microstructure, domain structure, composition, constitutive behavior, fatigue, failure mechanisms, corrosion

· Modeling

Micromechanical models, macromodels, FEM simulation, coupled field simulation

· System Design

Simulation and optimization, hybrid systems, adaptive systems, distributed systems

· Technologies

Thin and thick films, magneto-thermo-mechanical treatment, laser technologies, micro- and nanometer-scale processing, interconnection technologies

· Devices and Systems

Actuators, sensors, micro- and nanodevices, micro- and nanometer-scale systems

Scientific Committee:

  • Ferdinando Auricchio (Italy)
  • Vasiliy Buchelnikov (Russia)
  • Eduard Cesari (Spain)
  • Jan van Humbeeck (Belgium)
  • Berthold Krevet (D)
  • Victor L’vov (Ukraine)
  • Dimitris Lagoudas (USA)
  • Marcin Leonowicz (Poland)
  • Lluis I. Manosa (Spain)
  • Peter Mullner (USA)
  • Etienne Patoor (F)
  • Robert C. Pond (UK)
  • Toshiyuki Takagi (Japan)
  • Andrej Ziolkowski (Poland)
  • Jonathan C.-Y. Chung (Hong Kong)

Invited Speakers:

  • Robert C. O’Handley (MIT, USA)
  • Takashi Fukuda (Osaka U., Japan)
  • Matthias Mertmann (Memory Metalle Inc., Germany)
  • Xiaobing Ren (NIMS, Japan)
  • Bogdan Raniecki (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
  • Stefan Seelecke (NCSU, USA)


  • Manfred Kohl, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany; manfred.kohl@imt.fzk.de
  • Volodymyr Chernenko, IMag, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine; volodymyr_chern@yahoo.com
  • Stefano Besseghini, CNR-IENI Sez. di Lecco, Italy; s.besseghini@ieni.cnr.it
  • Sebastian Fähler, IFW Dresden, Germany; s.faehler@ifw-dresden.de


The presenters will be encouraged to submit a manuscript for publication in a Special Issue of the

European Physics Journal - Special Topics


All manuscripts will be peer reviewed according to the standards of the Journal. The paper length is limited to 6 printed pages for contributed and invited papers including Figures and Tables.

Three camera-ready copies of the manuscripts should be submitted by regular mail to the symposium organizers. The submission deadline is September 10, 2007. Please address all correspondence to:

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Attn: Manfred Kohl
Postfach 3640
76021 Karlsruhe


Contact e-mail address: manfred.kohl@imt.fzk.de