This is the last Working Group Meeting COST Action D30. This is possibility to present final results in overview lectures. This session will take place two days within satelite events of 2007 E-MRS Fall Meeting.

Wednesday, 19th September

17.30 Madalina Popescu “ High pressure-low temperature synthesis of new nanostructured compounds” COST group member, Reimbursement request

18.00 Giora Kimmel “Stability, instability, metastability and grain size in nanocrystalline ceramic oxide system”

18.30 Antonino Rizzuti - Microwave technique applied on the hydrothermal synthesis and sintering of calcia stabilized zirconia nanoparticles.

19.00-19.15 Cofee break

19.15 Aharon Gedanken: “Producing metal oxide nanoparticles by the sonochemical, microwave and RAPET techniques”

19.45 Tadeusz Chudoba “Novel microwave – pressure reactor for continuous production of nanopowders

20.15 Agnieszka Opalińska “Doped zirconia nanopowders made in microwave – pressure reactor

Thursday, 20th September


Working Group Meeting "High Pressure Synthesis and Processing of

  • Selecting the most important results to be presented during the final Action Meeting in October.
  • Discussion about the summary of results to be given to the Chair to produce the final Report of the Action.