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Ulrich Bismayer



University of Hamburg, Mineralogisch-Pertographisches Institut

address: , Hamburg, , Germany


  1. A Model of Strain Distribution in Nanocrystalline SiC and Diamond at very High Pressures, in-situ X-ray Diffraction Study and Computer Modeling
  2. Analysis of short and long range atomic order in nanocrystalline diamonds with application of powder diffractometry
  3. Application of powder diffraction methods to the analysis of the atomic structure of nanocrystals: the concept of the apparent lattice parameter (alp)
  4. Application of Vacuum Chamber for Synchrotron Powder Diffraction
  5. Application of X-ray powder diffraction to nano-materials; determination of the atomic structure of nanocrystals with relaxed and strained surfaces
  6. Are nanocrystalline powders two-phase materials: predictions and experimental evidence
  7. Atomic structure of nanocrystals and in situ synthesis x-ray studies of nanocomposites
  8. Characterization of nanostructured hydroxyapatite ceramics densified at high-pressure and temperature
  9. Crystal structure and thermal expansion of PrGaO_3 in the temperature range 10-1253 K
  10. Determination of a two-phase structure of nanocrystals: GaN, SiC, diamond
  11. Diffraction studies of nanocrystals: theory and experiment
  12. Dislocation induced polytype transformation of GaN nanocrystals under extreme pressures
  13. Distribution of strain in GaN and SiC nanocrystals under extreme pressures
  14. Distribution of strain in GaN and SiC nanocrystals under extreme pressures
  15. Effect of the chemical state of the surface on the relaxation of the surface shell atoms in SiC and GaN nanocrystals
  16. Evolution of Disordering in SiC under High Pressure High Temperature Conditions: In-situ Powder Diffraction Study
  17. Evolution of Microstructure of Nanocrystalline SiC under High Pressure
  18. Generation and relaxation of microstrains in GaN nanocrystals under extreme pressures
  19. Generetion and Relaxation of Strain in SiC and GaN under Extreme Pressure
  20. High Pressure Diffraction Studies of Flame-generated Silicon Carbide Powders
  21. High-Pressure High-Temperature in-situ Diffraction Studies of Nanocrystalline Ceramic Materials at HASYLAB
  22. High pressure x-ray powder diffraction application to studies of nanocrystals
  23. In-situ Diffraction Studies of Nanocrystalline Materials under High Pressures
  24. Melting Temperatures of Metals under High Pressure in MAX80 cubic anvil press
  25. Nanokompozyty diamentu i SiC z Al otrzymane metod? strefowego nasycania nanokryszta?ów faz? ciek?? pod wysokim ci?nieniem
  26. Preparation of SiC-Diamond Composites
  27. Preparation of SiC-Diamond Nanocomposites
  28. Size dependent compressibility of nanocrystalline SiC measured under isostatic pressure conditions
  29. Strain Distribution in nanocrystalline Silicon Carbide by X-ray Diffraction and Structure Modeling
  30. Strain in Nanocrysttaline Powders of GaN and SiC as Measured by X-ray Diffraction
  31. Surface relaxation in Nanocrystalline Powders of GaN as Measured by X-ray Diffraction
  32. Surface strain in nanocrystalline GaN and SiC; x-ray diffraction study
  33. Thermal expansion of NdGaO_3 perovskite
  34. Twin structure of LSGMO crystals studied by Laue method
  35. X-ray powder diffraction study of atomic structure of nanocrystalline materials


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