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Recent developments in enzymatic biofuel cells

Renata Bilewicz 

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry, Pasteura1, Warsaw 02-093, Poland


Recent progress in miniaturized biofuel cells will be briefly reviewed with special focus on electrode surfaces nanostructured with carbonaceous nanomaterials and electron transfer without mediators [1-7]. Laccase binding to electrodes by means of arylated carbon nanotubes will be discussed and catalytic efficiencies of the chosen nanostructured electrodes will be compared. I will describe the preparation of the enzyme/SWCNT bioconjugates, and their application for the modification of the biocathode and bioanode. We test the catalytically active electrodes in the hybrid biofuel cell with Zn anode and if found useful -  in the fully enzymatic biofuel cell. Carbon nanotubes functionalized with ethylamine group, activated and reacted with laccase were found promising for the biofuel cell applications. The power density of the hybrid biofuel cell based on the carbon nanotubes bound covalently to laccase on the cathode and Zn covered with Nafion layer as the anode reached 1 mW cm-2 at working voltage 0.8 V. The open circuit voltage of this hybrid cell was 1.5 V.

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Presentation: Tutorial lectore at SMCBS'2011 International Workshop, by Renata Bilewicz
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Submitted: 2011-09-08 10:26
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