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Photonic effect in ferromagnetic nano-films of Heysler alloy

Yuri A. Kuzavko 

The Polesie Agrarian Ecological Institute of the National Academy of Science of Belarus (PAEI), Brest 224000, Belarus


The idea of a spintronic analogue of a field-effect transistors, spoken in [1] and based on the control of spin polarization of a charge carriers with use of a spin-orbit interaction with outer electric field is still not realized experimentally. The same is true for idea of a polarization transistor [2], the essence of which is in polarization magnetooptic bistability effect in magnetoordered films. Such effect, been found experimentally, would make it possible to realize binary logic in s- and p-polarization of a light beam (or even single photon) and to build quantum computer with colossal parallel information processing in perspective.

Nowadays there is a growth of interest to the only one known magnetoordered Heysler Ni2MnGa alloy, in which a shape memory effect as on temperature, so on outer magnetic field was reliably discovered. A 90 nm and 30 nm films of this substance were synthesized, i.e. ones containing only several tens of crystallographic cells in a specified direction. Here of Kerr’s and Faraday’s effects in films of Ni53Mn25Ga22, Ni2.18Mn0.82Ga are considered with combined magnetostructured phase transition with use of a scalar relativistic version of the tight-binding linear muffin-tin-orbital atomic-sphere approximation within the local-spin-density approximation. An outer magnetic film is deforming the film and consequently causing reallocation of a “down” and “up” spin polarized electrons on the film surface, influencing on photons polarization change as at photons reflection from a metal film, so at their transition through it. It seems that electrons spin overturn can cause amplification effect (transistor) of transformed light pulses.

Author is grateful for BRFFI-RFFI F04R-080 grant for partial financial support


[1] Datte S., Das B. Appe.Phys.Lott.1991.U.56.P.665

[2] Kuzavko Yu.A., Shavrov V.G. Digests of XII Soviet seminar “Novel magnetic materials for microelectronics” Novgorod, USSR, 1990 v.2. p.97


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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007, Acta Materialia Gold Medal Workshop, by Yuri A. Kuzavko
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Submitted: 2007-05-14 23:13
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