The inclusion of “Hybrid polymer systems of industrial importance” in the scientific programme of EMRS Fall Symposium emerged from discussions between renowned scientists from leading European research centres (universities, companies) – members of International Advisory Board and the Steering Committee of the Centre of Competence for Advanced Polymeric Materials of Industrial Importance POLMATIN. Further incentive came from developments achieved in Projects carried out under 5 th Framework Programme involving the participation of several leading European research centres, SMEs and active participation by Polish partners – members of the Network “New Materials”.

Hybrid polymeric materials have been studied intensively in recent years mainly because their unique properties are suitable for more sophisticated or high-tech applications. Designing the architecture of hybrid systems is the modern method used to create novel polymeric materials, specifically for applications as binders for advanced coatings or adhesives, as well as composites, membranes and biomaterials. The polymers which are presently preferred as components of modern hybrid polymer systems are: silicones, polyesters, polyurethanes, polyacrylics and fluoropolymers as they provide a unique combination of properties and often create the possibility of achieving a synergistic effect. Good examples of such systems can be IPNs, involving silicones and fluoropolymers, silicones and polyurethanes, polyurethanes and polyacrylates as well as hybrid systems of specific particle architecture e.g. core-shell dispersions. A separate group of hybrids is the organic-inorganic systems where the inorganic component has been entrapped in an organic matrix or vice versa. Recently, great attention has been paid to hybrid polymer systems containing nanoparticles e.g. functionalized silica nanospheres which can provide excellent material properties at low level of nanoparticle content.

The main aims of the Symposium will be connected with the following aspects:

  • promotion of strong and efficient international co-operation in the field of hybrid polymeric materials within European Research Area,
  • successful commercialization of advanced hybrid polymer systems technologies, in particular in SMEs,
  • contribution to environment protection through minimum use of natural resources due to development of novel hybrid polymer systems based on existing starting materials.

Scope and topics:

The Symposium will focus on synthesis, characterization and applications of hybrid polymer systems, preferably containing silicones, polyesters, polyurethanes and fluoropolymers.

Special emphasis will be given to polymer systems of potential industrial applications such as coatings, adhesives, composites, membranes and biomaterials. Selected hybrid polymer systems modified with nanoparticles will be especially welcome.

The papers to be presented at the Symposium are expected to deal with the influence of chemical composition, structures of polymers constituting the hybrid systems and supramolecular architecture of the system itself on the macro-scale and the properties of the resulting material.


  • Prof. Jacek Kijeński, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland - Symposium Chairman
  • Dr Maria Zielecka, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland
  • Dr Bruno Ameduri, Laboratory of Macromolecular Chemistry Ecole Nat. Sup. Chimie de Montpellier, Montpellier Cedex, France
  • Prof. Roberta Bongiovanni, Politecnico di Torino, Dep. Scienza dei Materiali, Via Duca Degli Abruzi, Torino, Italy


At this moment it is planned to publish the full texts of invited lectures in the special issue of POLIMERY

The full texts of Symposium E contributions (oral and poster) can be published in the next issues of POLIMERY and/or in PIGMENT AND RESIN TECHNOLOGY


Symposium is supported by Centre of Competence for Advanced Polymeric Materials of Industrial Importance POLMATIN located at the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute


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