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Oral Katarzyna Bień-Barkowska Boosting under quantile regression – CAN we USE IT FOR market risk evaluation?
Oral Kesra Nermend Application of MAJR Aggregate Measure in the Management Quality Testing in the EU-28
Oral Kesra Nermend A Comparative Study of FastICA and Gradient Algorithms for Stock Market Analysis

May 23rd, Thursday

14:00 POSTER
14:00 #1 Poster Mariola Chrzanowska Analysis of the effectiveness of selected Polish investment funds from February 2009 to February 2013
14:00 #2 Poster Urszula Grzybowska Application of migration matrices to risk evaluation and their effect on portfolio value
14:00 #3 Poster Andrzej Karpio The Influence of Pension Funds on Polish Capital Market
14:00 #4 Poster Beatriz Larraz Iribas Gender and labour characteristics on income inequality
14:00 #5 Poster Anna M. Lucinska Factors Affecting the Works of Art Prices on the Auction Market in Poland
14:00 #6 Poster Witold A. Lucinski Crisis in Private Equity Industry in Europe and Poland: Is It the End of It?
14:00 #7 Poster Grzegorz Perczak A new look at variance estimation based on values of minimum, maximum, finish and the drift - preliminary results.
14:00 #8 Poster Grażyna Trzpiot Risk Analysis on POLPX and EEX
14:00 #9 Poster Anna Zamojska Portfolio performance based on the multihorizon Sharpe ratio - wavelet analysis approach
16:15 Concurrent Session - Professor Jerzy Gajdka - Financial Markets Analysis I - Nautilus Room
16:15 00:15:00 Oral Grażyna Trzpiot Analysis of  tail-dependence structure in global financial markets.  Extreme value theory approach
16:30 00:15:00 Oral Krzysztof M. Piasecki Imprecise return rates on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Abstract
16:45 00:15:00 Oral Yochanan Shachmurove If I Knew How to Forecast Volatility, I Would Be A Rich Man
17:00 00:15:00 Oral Yulija Volynchuk The logistics approach to management of enterprises' financial flows
17:15 00:15:00 Oral Ewa M. Syczewska On exchange-rate model with stock indices as additional regressors
17:30 00:15:00 Oral Dorota Witkowska A Comparison of Global Stock Market before and after the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis
18:00 Pause for transfer to SGGW WULS)

May 24th, Friday

09:00 Concurrent Session - Professor Tadeusz Kufel - Financial Markets Analysis II - NewConnect Trading Room
09:00 00:10:00 Oral Wiesław A. Dębski Intervaling effect on estimating beta parameter for the largest companies on the WSE
09:10 00:20:00 Oral Magdalena Osińska Recent developments in financial econometrics
09:30 00:20:00 Oral Paweł Miłobędzki The components of bid-ask spreads at the Warsaw Stock Exchange
09:50 00:20:00 Oral Tomasz K. Wisniewski Volatility index for Warsaw Stock Exchange. Rules and properties
10:10 00:10:00 Oral Waldemar Tarczyński Evaluation of the effectiveness of portfolio analysis on the WSE for years 2001-2013
10:20 00:10:00 Oral Jerzy Gajdka Earnings Management and Financial Crisis in  EU countries  
10:40 Concurrent Session - Professor Magdalena Osińska - Financial Markets Analysis III - NewConnect Trading Room
10:40 00:15:00 Oral Katarzyna Bień-Barkowska Hidden order submission strategies in the order driven market
10:55 00:15:00 Oral Ewa Majerowska Conditional perfomance evaluation of the CAPM on the WSE market
11:10 00:15:00 Oral Anna D. Rutkowska-Ziarko The diversification of risk of a fundamental portfolio based on semi-variance
11:25 00:15:00 Oral Ewa Ratuszny Influence of robust estimation on volatility forecast
11:40 00:10:00 Oral Małgorzata L. Łuniewska Statistical analysis of fundamental power in companies listed on WSE
11:50 00:10:00 Oral Krzysztof T. Kompa Effects of the Warsaw Stock Exchange trading sessions extension
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