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dr Daniel Lincot

phone: +33-1-44276694
fax: +33-1-44276750


Ecole Nationale Supérieure de chimie de Paris

address: 11 rue P. et M. Curie, Paris, 75005, France
phone: 33 1 44 27 67 36
fax: 33 1 46 34 07 53


E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

began: 2007-09-17
ended: 2007-11-30


  1. Electrochemical mechanistic study of ZnO Nanowires Growth by Electrodeposition Inside Alumina Templates
  2. Electrochemical Synthesis of Macroporous Zinc Oxide by Employing Hydrogen Peroxide like Oxygen Precursor
  3. Electrochemical synthesis of ZnO in the presence of Dye or polymer additives.
  4. Electrodeposed CuIn(S,Se)2 based solar cells: electrical properties
  5. Electrodeposition of Polyphasic [(ZnO)a(ZnO2)b(ZnS)c] Thin Films in DMSO Solution. Study of Their Morphological, Optic and Crystalline Porperties.
  6. Electrodeposition of Porous Crystalline ZnO/Dye Hybrid Thin Films and Development of Plastic Solar Cells
  7. Electrodeposition of ZnTe nanowires into porous anodic alumina membranes
  8. Electrowetting study of redox Self assembled layers on ZnO nanostructures prepared by electrodeposition
  9. Mechanistic Study of ZnO Nanowires Electrodeposition
  10. New insights in the electrodeposition mechanism of CuInSe2 thin films for solar cells applications
  11. Study of CIS based solar cells with a ALCVD ZnO/ZnO:Al as window layers
  12. Zn(S,O,OH) Chemical Bath Deposited buffer layers for high efficiencies Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 solar cells : a better understanding of the growth mechanism

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