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Oxford University Begbroke Science Park Science to Business

Alison Crossley 

Oxford Materials, Begbroke Science Park, Oxford OX5-1PF, United Kingdom


Oxford University established the Begbroke Science Park to encourage innovation and enterprise. It provides an incubator environment where spin outs and high tech start up companies can grow and prosper by taking advantage of the on site analytical, processing and research services of one of the world’s leading universities and its world class scientists.

At Begbroke there is a range of University activities, mainly from the physical sciences, a Centre for Innovation and Enterprise along with a number of established high tech companies. This presentation will describe how innovation is fostered within the university and why an environment such as Begbroke is attractive to early stage and rapidly growing companies with a series of case studies.


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Presentation: Oral at Nano2business workshop, by Alison Crossley
See On-line Journal of Nano2business workshop

Submitted: 2007-01-09 18:33
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