The Luminescent Investigation of Laser Nanomaterials Nd: Y2O3 and Nd :YAG.

Vladimir I. Solomonov 1Alfiya V. Rasuleva Vladimir V. Osipov Maxim G. Ivanov 

1. Institute of Electrophysics of RAS (IEP), Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation


The pulsed cathodoluminescence of the initial material and products of synthesis of the laser nanoceramic (Y2O3: Nd and YAG: Nd) was investigated. The technology of synthesis was as follows. The initial coarse powder of both oxide and garnet had the average particle size 100 mm and purity 99.99 %. It was pressed into the pellets-targets and annealed at 1200oC. The nanopowder with the particle size about 20 nm was obtained by laser evaporation of the targets. The nanopowders were calcinated at 900oC. The nanoceramics were received by the magnetic – pulsed compaction of nanopowders with the further sintering at temperature up to 1700oC. The luminescence of the initial material and products was investigated in the visible spectral region (350-750 nm) with the help of the setup CLAVI [1]. The irradiation by the electron beam of the powders and pellets took place at the room temperature in air. The duration of the e-beam was 1.5 ns. The exposure dose for one pulse was about 1 kGy.

In the spectrum of the initial powder Y2O3 the distinct impurity bands of the uncontrolled rare-earth ions with the quantity less than 10-2 atomic percent were found. In the pellets prepared for the laser evaporation from the powder mixture of Y2O3 with Nd2O3 content 1% mol. and 3.6 % mol, the amplification of the impurity bands was observed. The band broadening of ions Nd3+ is dominated in the both nanopowders and nanoceramics.

The pulsed cathodoluminescence method was shown to be an effective one to control the change of the properties of the materials at all the stage of the synthesis.


1. Michailov S.G., Osipov V.V., Solomonov V.I. // Pribory i Technika experimenta (Russia), # 3, p. 164-165 (2001).

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Presentation: oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005, Laser Ceramic Symposium, by Vladimir I. Solomonov
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

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