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Some Optical Thermal and Electrical Properties of Bulk InP Crystal

Zhiguo Liu Ruixia Yang Fan Yang Mustafa S. Omar Goran M. Khalil Tongnian Sun Niefeng Sun 1

1. Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute, Scicence and Techonology on ASIC Laboratory, Shijiazhuang 050051, China


Undoped InP single crystals were prepared with a rapid P-injection in situ synthesis liquid encapsulated Czochralski(LEC) method in an independently manufactured InP high pressure crystal puller, the physical properties were measured for the as grown single crystals by using the temperature control multipurpose cryostat, and all measurements were carried out under a vacuum of 10-3mbar. The temperature dependent photoconductivity measurement was investigated. The photosensitivity spectrum at room temperature showed a peak at about 1.2869eV and shoulders around 1.2955, 1.3256, and 1.3392eV. The room temperature energy gap as 1.3392eV and its temperature coefficient in the range of 295-318K was found to be as -3x10-4eV/K. The magneto-optical properties measurement up to 1.8 Tesla gave the magnetic coefficient of Eg as 8.6x10-4eV/Tesla. From this value, the reduced effective mass of electrons mr* found to be as 0.0671m0. Measurements of Hall coefficient RH, between 288K and 319K, were performed. Hall measurement for this sample at room temperature gave the Hall mobility and carrier concentration as 2950cm2/V•S and 5.53x1015cm-3 respectively. From thermoelectric power measurements, the room temperature Seebeck coefficient found to be as 565μV/K. This value, with that of the Hall measurements, the density of state effective mass md* was calculated and found to be as 0.0757m0. This value with that of the reduced effective mass of electrons mentioned above gave the effective mass of electrons in the valance band mv* in this InP sample as 0.591m0.


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Presentation: Oral at 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17, Topical Session 4, by Niefeng Sun
See On-line Journal of 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17

Submitted: 2013-04-14 07:36
Revised:   2013-04-16 19:03