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Hydrothermal growth  of bulk ZnO:Ga crystals and their physical properties

Mengde Ren Xiaoling He Yanbin Zuo 1Haitao Zhou Changlong Zhang Jinliang Wang 

1. China Nonferrous Metal Guilin Geology And Mining Co., Ltd. (CNMC), Guilin 541004, China


  To grow high-quality p-type ZnO layers is prerequisite to develop a low-temperature growth technique for high-quality ZnO layers.[1]ZnO:Ga has been known as an ultra-fast scintillator for a long time, but up to now, it has not been used in practice due to the growth difficulties of ZnO:Ga single crysltals.[2]In this paper, a large size ZnO:Ga (30.44 mm×24.84 mm×5.40 mm) with high crystalline quality was grown by Guilin hydrothermal method. The growth performed with KOH+LiOH+H2O2 as mineralizer and Ga2O3 powder for dopant . The growth characterization of ZnO:Ga influenced by concentration of Ga3+ and mineralizer was emphatically studied.We also discussed the influence of other factors including PH, temperature of dissolving growth zone and concentration of H2O2.A systematic characterization of Ga-doped ZnO was investigated by X-ray diffraction, chemical etching, X-ray rocking curve, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), and transimission spectrum. The results show that: 1) High-crystallinity product of ZnO:Ga single crysltal(fig. 1(a)) have been synthesized and its FWHM is 11 arcsec of the (002) reflection ofX-ray rocking curvewhich was lower than pure ZnO (fig. 1(b)). 2) ZnO:Ga crystal displays a high transmittance performence among 450-860 nm wavelength, and a total absorption performance in the wavelength range of >1750 nm. 3) ZnO:Ga crystal have a conductivity of 0.36 S/cm. A deeper pragmatic synergism between theory and experiment will greatly aid in developing more application of ZnO crystals.


Figure 1: (a). Ga:ZnO single crystal grown by hydrothermal method.(b). X-ray rocking curve of ZnO and Ga:ZnO single crystal.

Acknowledgments:This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China(51102057),Guangxi Natural Science Foundation(2013GXNSFBA019262) and Program on technology development of research institute of China (2012EG115007). 

* corresponding author e-mail: [email protected]


[1]. S.H.Park, H.Suzukial. Low-temperature groth of high-quality ZnO layers by surfactant-mediated molecular-beam epitaxy [J]. Journal of Crystal Growth ,2007,309:158-163

[2]. E.D.Bourrent-Courchesne, S.E.Derenzo, M.J.Weber. Development of ZnO:Ga as an ultra-fast scintillator[J]. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 601(2009)358-363.


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Submitted: 2013-03-31 17:27
Revised:   2013-07-23 17:25