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Study on defects in hydrothermal-grown RbBe2BO3F2 crystals

Haitao Zhou 1Lijuan Liu 2Xiaoling He 1Fuhua Lu 1Changlong Zhang 1Chuangtian Chen 2

1. China Nonferrous Metal Guilin Geology And Mining Co., Ltd. (CNMC), Guilin 541004, China
2. Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, beijing 100190, China

Several NLO crystals have been used in the past to produce DUV coherent light, but so far only KBe2BO3F2 (KBBF) and RbBe2BO3F2 (RBBF) can produce DUV harmonic generation by second harmonic generation (SHG). The major disadvantage of KBBF and RBBF is the crystal growth. Large sizes of high quality single crystals are very difficult to obtain, which seriously affects further applications. The hydrothermal growth of KBBF can yield much thicker crystals than flux method, but cannot be applied to generating DUV laser because of their much lower SHG conversion efficiency [1]. However, sizeable crystals of RbBe2BO3F2 (RBBF) which grown by the hydrothermal method show similar capability for frequency conversion compared with flux grown crystals [2].

In order to find the reason, extensive studies on defects in hydrothermal-grown RBBF crystals were carried out for the first time. Dislocations, grain boundaries and twins were revealed and observed on the (001) plane of hydrothermal-grown RBBF crystals by chemical etching and microscopy. X-ray rocking curves indicate the hydrothermal-grown crystals are of high crystalline quality. Moreover, powder X-ray diffraction measurements show no unidentified peaks for hydrothermal-grown RBBF crystals. These indicate the hydrothermal-grown RBBF crystals may not contain structural defects, different from hydrothermal KBBF [3-4].


Acknowledgement: This work was supported by Guangxi Natural Science Foundation (2011GXNSFB018014).


* corresponding author e-mail:  [email protected]



[1] Chen, C. T., et al. "Deep-UV nonlinear optical crystal KBe2BO3F2—discovery, growth, optical properties and applications." Applied Physics B 97.1 (2009): 9-25.

[2] Liu, Lijuan, et al. "Hydrothermal growth and optical properties of RbBe2BO3F2 crystals." Journal of crystal growth 348.1 (2012): 60-64.

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[4] Sang, Yuanhua, et al. "X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of flux and hydrothermally grown nonlinear optical material KBe2BO3F2." CrystEngComm14.18 (2012): 6079-6084.4


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Presentation: Oral at 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17, General Session 7, by Haitao Zhou
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Revised:   2013-07-19 21:22