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Nanophase Production Using Solar Energy

Claude J. Monty 

Procédés,Matériaux et Energie Solaire (PROMES), Avenue Professeur Trombe, Font-Romeu 66120, France


Nanophases of various compositions have been produced by two different methods, using solar furnaces with high concentration energy flux, in Odeillo - Font Romeu (France): a - vaporisation - condensation (PVD process) in solar reactors; b - melting and fast cooling followed by ballmilling.
Among the series of materials which have been prepared by this way, the presentation will be focused on the preparation of Zr1-xYxO2, Ce1-xGdxO2, -(Bi1-xYx)2O3, which are superionic conductors; Zn1-xInxO, Zn1-xSbxO, Zn1-xAlxO, expected to be optically transparent and exhibiting high densities of electronic carriers, Zn1-xCoxO, which is ferromagnetic as a nanopowder prepared in ad hoc conditions, Zn1-xBixO-( Bi1-yZny)2O3, for its electrical properties. The obtained nanopowders have been characterized by X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy. They can be used to prepare massive nanomaterials, thin or thick nanostructured films or as obtained, depending on their properties and on the aimed applications: solid electrolyte for SOFC or sensors, transparent electrodes for optoelectronics or photovoltaic cells, luminescent screens, magnetic devices or varistors.
An overview will be presented on the preparation by similar methods of metallic nanoparticles of Zn or Al, as well as the preparation of fullerens, carbon nanotubes and SiOx nanopowders.
Parts of this work results from the collaboration with several people; among them: F. Sibieude, R. R. Piticescu, Roxana Piticescu, C. Georgescu, A. Motoc, Tounsia Ait-Ahcene, Nora Boulares, K. Guergouri, N. Tabet, Amel Cheikh, H. Boussetta, C. Petot, Georgette Petot-Ervas, G. Baldinozzi, C. Roucau, Nathalie Brun, A. Thorel, B. Martinez, P. Sandiumenge, Ll. Balcells, J. Fontcuberta


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Presentation: invited oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004, Joint Workshop G and I, by Claude J. Monty
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

Submitted: 2004-07-19 19:59
Revised:   2009-06-08 12:55