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Submerged cultivation of Streptomyces sp. 8812 in media containing different sources of nitrogen and carbon

Jolanta Solecka ,  Aleksandra M. Rajnisz ,  Magdalena A. Radomska ,  Joanna Zajko 

National Institute of Public Health-National Institute of Hygiene (NIZP-PZH), Chocimska, Warszawa 00-791, Poland


Since many years we’ve investigated bioactive metabolites produced by Streptomycetes from the collection of NIZP-PZH. The novel compound with antimicrobial activity, DD-peptidases inhibitor was isolated from culture broth of Streptomyces sp. 8812. It is a wild strain of streptomycetes, which was acquired from brazilian soil. It is known that, secondary metabolites with microbial origin are produced in very  small amounts. Therefore researches had begun to modify cultivated media for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of bacterial cultures.

By changing the composition media, it was possible to improve in simple way the efficiency of biosynthesis of bioactive metabolites and optimize bacterial biomass production at the same time.There were investigations on the influence of nitrogen and carbon from various sources (by changing the composition of  different media) on  Streptomyces sp. 8812 biomass growth and on  the activity of natural compounds. Different combinations of  ingredients were used as a source of nitrogen, e.g.: soybean extract or soytone (papain hydrolizate of soy flour), bacto peptone (papain hydrolizate of meat),  bacto tryptone (papain hydrolizate of casein), yeast extract, and corn step liquor. Each product contains different accumulation of amino acids and other amount of total nitrogen (from 3.5 % to 15.5%).

Glycerol, lactose, lactic acid in corn steep liquor and different peptones were used as a source of carbon.

The best strain growth was recorded  for media containing soybean extract, bacto peptone and  bacto tryptone as a nitrogen source and glycerol as a carbon source. The highest productivity of DD-peptidase inhibitors was detected during cultivation of Streptomyces sp. 8812 by the use of special media.

Optimized bacterial biomass growth and the good quality of mycelium were achieved by the use of medium containing soybean extract or soytone, bacto peptone, bacto tryptone, yeast extract, and with (or without) corn step liquor. Whereas glycerol was detected as the best  source of carbon.

The highest activity of bioactive metabolites production was received by using the media consisting of bacto peptone, bacto tryptone, yeast extract, and corn step liquor and lactose.

Acknowledgement: This work is co-financed from European Regional Development Fund within Operational Programme  „Innovative Economy”, the project number UDA-POIG.01.03.01-14-136/09-00


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Submitted: 2010-03-12 15:21
Revised:   2010-04-06 21:37