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Magnetic field analysis for magnetron sputtering apparatus for accurate composition control

Yutaka Sakurai 1Hiroko Nakamura 2Ryo Nakajima 3

1. Toyama National College of Technology, 13 Hongo, Toyama 939-8630, Japan
2. YKK Corporation, 200 Yoshida, Toyama 938-8601, Japan
3. Hokuriku Electric Power Company, 15-1 Ushijima, Toyama 939-8686, Japan


Authors use magnetron sputtering technique for controlling the film composition by modifying the magnetic field with an external solenoid in addition to the magnetic field with a permanent magnet on the back of the composite target[1]. It is necessary to understand the contribution of the solenoid quantitatively for the effective application of this technique. The magnetic field on the target was calculated by the finite element method (FEM), and correspondence with the erosion region was discussed.
Composition controllable DC magnetron sputtering apparatus from outside by controlling the solenoid current was used, and the forming of the TiNi films for the shape-memory alloy was examined[2]. Ti base composite target with Ni ring was employed there, and the composition of films formed by the apparatus was analyzed by using EDX. Axisymmetrical 3D-FEM was applied to the sputtering target, the magnet, the iron yoke and the solenoid current conductor.
Figure 1 shows the calculated vertical components of B (By) on the Ni/Ti composite target at various solenoid current values. As the solenoid current increases, the tunnel region of flux on the target (correspond with the well sputtered region by the confined plasma) moves to the center of the target. The behavior corresponds to the film content. The analyzed results also give the correction value for using the already eroded target.

[1] F. Takeda, T. Yamazaki, T. Nakajima, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 39, 5992 (2000)
[2] Y. Sakurai, F. Takeda, Abst. of E-MRS Fall Meeting (2005)


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