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Optical and structural characterization of zirconia-titania-silicate glasses

Mihail Elisa 1Bogdan Alexandru Sava 2Adriana Diaconu 2Daniela Ursu 2Ioan Stamatin 3Florin Nastase 3Claudia Nastase 3

1. National Institute for Optoelectronics (INOE), 1 Atomistilor Str., Bucharest 77125, Romania
2. National Institute of Glass, 47 Th.Pallady Avenue, Bucharest 032258, Romania
3. 3Nano-SAE Res Center, University of Bucharest (3Nano-SAE), Atomistilor 405, Bucharest- Magurele MG-38, Romania


The paper presents a study on obtaining and characterization of silicate glasses from the oxide systems: R2O (R: Na, K) – R’O (R': Ca, Mg, Zn) – ZrO2 - SiO2. A supplementary amount of titanium oxide was added, in order to improve the refractive index, average dispersion and Abbe coefficient of the final glass. These oxide systems are investigated aiming to replace the conventional lead crystal glass, where harmful compounds as PbO and BaO are replaced by ZrO2 and TiO2. Ware glass, stained glass, decorative products and technical applications are the main uses of these vitreous materials.

The samples were optical and structural characterized by UV-VIS, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy. FTIR transmission spectra in the range 4000-400 cm-1, put in evidence ZnO4, ZnO6, TiO4, TiO6, ZrO6, SiO4 groups as well as Si-O-Ti and Ti-O-Ti groups. This confirms that TiO2 is a network former together with SiO2, providing a mixed oxide network.

Raman spectra of TiO2-containing glass samples show vibration peaks characteristic for silicon oxide and new ones, attributed to Si-O-Ti bonds. The samples containing ZrO2, reveal a shift of TiO2 Raman peaks to low energy, which also reveals the formation of Zr-O-Ti vitreous mixed network.


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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007, Symposium A, by Mihail Elisa
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

Submitted: 2007-05-15 11:26
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:44