High Pressure School 2001 (4th)

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oral Jacek Arabas Equipment for High Pressure Study of Biological Materials
oral Alexey N. Babushkin Impedance Dielectric Spectroscopy at Superhigh Pressures: Phase Transitions and Metastable States
oral Claude Balny New Potentails in High Pressure Bioscience
oral Jan Barciszewski High Pressure Effects on Nucleic Acids Properties
oral Gerard M. Demazeau How High Pressures Can Be Involved in Chemical Bonding ?
oral Cornelis J. Elsevier NMR Spectroscopy under High Pressure of Gases and Supercritical Fluids
oral Andrew Harrison Novel Reaction Vessel for Microwave Chemistry
oral Karel Heremans Towards an Understanding of the Effects of Pressure and Temperature on Biopolimers?
oral Jianzhong Jiang Structural Stability in Nanocrystals
oral Janusz Jurczak Pressure Effects in Organic Chemistry
oral Yury S. Kaganovskii Intermetallic Growth under High Hydrostatic Pressures
oral Aleksei N. Lachinov Change of Electron Properties in Polyphthalidyldenbiphenililene Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation
oral Witold Łojkowski Pressure Effect on Interface Energy, Diffusion and Reactions
oral Vladimir V. Milyavskiy Novel Carbon Materials: Possibility of Shock-Wave Synthesis
oral Bogdan F. Palosz Surface Diffraction Effects from Nanopowders under Pressure
oral Roman Pielaszek X-Ray Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
oral Oliver Schlüter High Pressure and Phase Transitions of Food
oral Andrzej Sienkiewicz Application of Electron Paramagnetic Spectroscopy to Study Protein Folding/Unfolding: from Rapid Mixing Stopped-Flow to High-Hydrostatic Pressure EPR
oral Laszlo Smeller Intermolecular Interactions of Proteins under Pressure. Aggregation, Dissociation, Chaperoning
oral Grażyna Stochel Inorganic Photochemistry and Photophysics at High Pressure
oral Marek Tkacz Thermodynamics of the Metal-Hydrogen System in DAC
oral Ruslan Z. Valiev Nanostructured Materials from Severe Plastic Deformation under High Pressure
oral Rudi van Eldik Application of High Pressure in the Study of Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
oral Roland H. Winter Structure and Dynamics of Model Biomembranes and Proteins at High Pressure
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