CyberEmotions conference

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Presenting person
1 Jan Chołoniewski Fluctuation-dissipation relations in physiological data collected during emotional stimulation
2 Agnieszka Czaplicka Noise enhances information transfer in hierarchical networks
3 Andrzej Jarynowski Viral spread with or without emotions in online community
4 Paweł Kondratiuk Modeling of scientific paradigms spreading
5 Dennis Kuester Cyberemotions in the Laboratory
6 Olesya Mryglod Temporal characteristics of human dynamics in virtual world
7 Tomasz Ryczkowski Emotional clusters observed in Internet communities
8 Aki-Hiro Sato Correlational analysis between Web search queries and currency market conditions
9 Julian M. Sienkiewicz Sentiment and activity analysis of Manchester United football forum
10 Anna Winnicka Big emotions in microblogging
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