COST D30 Final Evaluation Meeting

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Presenting person

October 26th, Friday

09:10 01:00:00 Invited Istvan T. Horvath Integration of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes for Sustainable Biomass Conversion
10:10 01:00:00 Invited Witold Łojkowski A summary of results obtained in Working Group 002 "Synthesis and Processing of Nanopowders"
14:30 01:00:00 Invited Piero Frediani Final report of WG1
16:50 01:00:00 Invited Laszlo Smeller High Pressure Tuning of Biochemical Processes: Protein dynamics and aggregation

October 27th, Saturday

08:45 01:00:00 Invited Rudi F. Vogel High Pressure Tuning of Biochemical Processes: Macromolecular Interactions and Cellular Physiology
09:45 01:00:00 Invited Marie Zarevúcka Enzymic catalysis in supercritical carbon dioxide
11:45 01:00:00 Invited Hubert Huppertz Structural transformations under high pressure: an interesting class of oxides – the oxoborates
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