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prof Jerzy Rogalski



  1. A facile preparation of the nanoparticulate film from conductive and nonconductive particles of the opposite charge
  2. Bioelectrocatalytic dioxygen reduction at carbon nanotubes – silicate composite film modified electrode
  3. Biofuel cell based on arylated carbon nanotubes
  4. Biofuel cell based on carbon nanotubes with covalently bonded laccase and glucose dehydrogenase embedded in cubic phase
  5. Designing of cathodes modified with enzymes for the biofuel cell applications
  6. Electrocatalytic reduction of dioxygen by redox mediator and laccase immobilised in silicate thin film
  7. Immobilization of molecules: From self-assembled monolayers to polymeric hollow structures
  8. Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes For Oxygen Reduction Catalyzed By Laccase Without any Mediators
  9. New methods of immobilization of oxidases at electrodes
  10. Optimization of culture medium for laccase production by Trametes versicolor
  11. Poly-o-aminophenol as laccase mediator and influence of enzyme on the polymer electrodeposition
  12. Scanning electrochemical microscopy study of laccase embedded in sol-gel processed silicate film
  13. ß-Glucosidases from white rot fungus Phlebia radiata - purification and properties.

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