Comparative analysis of ZnS:Mn2+ nanophosphors prepared by low-temperature precipitation and hydrothermal methods

Jong Su Kim 1Je Hong Park 1Sung Hoon Lee 1Tae Wan Kim 2Hong Lee Park 2

1. Pukyong National University, Dept. of Image System, Nam-Gu, Young-Dang-Dong, Busan 608-739, Korea, South
2. Yonsei University, Institute of Physics and Applied Physics (IPAP), Seoul 120-749, Korea, South


Manganese-doped ZnS nanophosphors were synthesized through two different methods: low-temperature precipitation method and hydrothermal method. Both ZnS:Mn2+ nanophosphors had the size of 20 nm and the spherical shape, and the cubic-dominant double phases of cubic and hexagonal. Both showed the yellow emission peaks around 600 nm originated from 4T-6A transition of Mn2+ ions. The emission intensity of the nanophosphor prepared by low-temperature precipitation method was optimized at 3 mol% of Mn2+ concentrations whereas that by hydrothermal method was optimized at 10 mol% of Mn2+ concentrations. The former nanophosphor showed the blueshift in the excitation spectrum and the redshift in the emission spectrum in comparison with the latter nanophosphor. The decay time of the former nanophosphor was longer than that of the latter nanophosphor. These phenomena can suggest that the higher quenching concentrations, the blueshift and the shorter decay time generally observed in nanophosphors are originated not from the nanostructure but from the difference in the synthesizing processes.

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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006, Symposium C, by Jong Su Kim
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

Submitted: 2006-08-06 10:18
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