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Ultra clean concentrated nanometals muster-butches in custom carrier liquides

Vitaliy V. Sadokhin ,  Ludmila Kisterska 

V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials NAS of Ukraine, 2, Autozavodska str., Kiev 04074, Ukraine


A social importance of nano suspensions of the oligodynamic metals (Ag, Cu, Au) on the base of various carrier liquids is to replace dangerous and highly allergic chemical disinfectant agents as chlorine, dichlorizocianic acid, triclosan, peroxyacetic acid, evaporated aldehydes, and other environmental unfriendly chemical agents.

The Non-organic nanoadditives –metallic nanoparticles - are widely used for end-product consumer’s properties modification for example for wide range of consumer products modification to upgrade end products properties without changing their traditional manufacturing technologies. That is why the “muster-butch” approach - the way of capsulation of the active ingredients (for example metal nanoparticles) in concentrated form in liquid media widely used as ingredients in thousand end products (glycerin, oils, glucose, polyssacharids, etc is the perspective way of wide commercialization of such products.

JV Marketing of Superhard Material proposes the high-tech solution in the production processes for customised healthy, green and safe liquid nano products easily implantable to wide range of traditional consumer products to modify and upgrade home disinfectants, paints, packing materials, plastics for food preparing or nanoadditives used for air, water conditioning, and contact surfaces disinfection in public places etc.

Nanoadditives manufactures and supplies under two trade marks: “Silver Shield 1000” and “Nanoagent+”. They are concentrated ultra clean nanometals particles (or their blend) dispersed in various carrier liquids which are the actual ingredients of end products variety. The advantages of this nanoadditives (or concentrated muster-butches) are:

·        easy way of modification of end-products by simple mixing with nanoadditives non changing their traditional productive technologies

·        ultra clean nano metals additives - no traces of any waist chemical reagents or by-products [1]

·        controlled metal nano particles size and distribution [2]

T|his master-butches are water soluble or water non-soluble depending of the property of carrier liquid. For example Silver Shield 1000 (see specifications on fig 1) is concentrated nanosilver dispersion in food glycerin which could be used as water solution to obtain desirable concentration. Depending on this solution concentration it serves like nanodisinfectant for contact surfaces eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungus (see table on fig 2) and can be supplied like self-sufficient disinfectant (see product on fig 3). At the same time concentrated nanoproduct Silver Shield 1000 can be added to liquid and hard soap, shampoo, tooth paste or dozens of personnel care products to upgrade their bactericidal properties. The same products is easily implantable to natural porous dry matrix to create low release nanoadditives for paints, hermetic sealing, lacquer etc.

From the other side nanoadditives Nanoagent+ are concentrated dispersions of various nanometals - Silver, Gold, Platinum, Copper – in natural or artificial oils, polysaccharide, plastics. This nanoadditiave could be widely used for example for anti-aged nanomodified cosmetics products which are the safest alternative to botulinum injectiones and provides guaranteed noticeable results due to deep penetrating ability and strengthening of collagen layers. Exisiting nanogold and nanoplatinum cosmetic products lines are extremely expensive due to non productive chemical processes of nanoparticles synthesis. Innovative nanoadditives produce by one-step in plasma technology in vacuum are economically competitive with the best world known of nanoadditives in this area of application.

JV Marketing of Superhard Material can offer to potential customers various way of collaboration starting from manufacturing of custom nanometal muster-butches in chosen carrier liquids to creating JV for modified end-products manufacturing or selling the license for innovative technology and productive industrial unit for nanoadditives manufacturing.


1.                  Eco-clean technology plasma nanodispersion of electrically conductive materials with one-step cycle of concentrated nanosuspension manufacturing in a wide range of liquid media / M.V. Novikov, L.D. Kisterska, V.V. Sadokhin et all // Powder metallurgy. - 2012. - № 1/2. - P. 34 – 45

2.                  Physico-chemical properties of metal nanoparticles controll in process of of colloidal solutions preparation by ion plasma sputtering. / V.V. Sadokhin, O.B. Loginova, L.D. Kisterska // Perspective of science, Russia - 2013. - №11 (50) - P. 104 - 107.


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