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Characterization of nanomaterials using molecular spectroscopy methods

Radoslaw Belka 1Malgorzata Suchanska 

1. Kielce University of Technology, Al. Tysiaclecia P.P.7, Kielce 25-314, Poland


Molecular spectroscopy is a non-destructive research tool that gives information on the molecular structure and its changes for large amount  materials and compounds. It is also a suitable instrument for the study of nanomaterials with any chemical composition. The most useful methods include Raman spectroscopy (RS)  and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), due to high sensitivity to the physical and chemical properties of investigated materials and vulnerability on the influence of external conditions .  In recent years, a lot of work concerns the study of carbon nanomaterials, due to easily distinguish between allotropic forms of carbon (fullerene, graphene, carbon nanotubes, etc.). Great potential for analysis of the surface homogeneity of molecular composition gives the Raman imaging (Raman mapping) method. The only limitation of this method is the spatial resolution associated with the penetration depth and the diameter of the used laser beam.

The aim of the presentation will be to show the possibilities of measurement techniques in study the structure of nanomaterials, particularly carbon nanostructures (fullerenes, nanotubes) and carbon-metal nanocomposites (C-Pd, C-Ni), including Raman mapping technique.

[1]  R. Belka, M. Suchańska, E. Czerwosz, J. Kęczkowska: “Raman studies of Pd-C nanocomposites”, Central European Journal of Physics, vol.11 (2) (2013) pp. 245-250.

[2] R. Belka M. Suchańska, “ Properties of the carbon-palladium nanocomposites studied by Raman spectroscopy method”, Proc. of SPIE 8903 (2013).

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[4] Belka R., Suchańska, M., Czerwosz E., Chiasera A., Ferrari M. “The Optical Study of Nanoporous C-Pd Thin Films” Proc. of SPIE vol. 8070 (2011).


This research was co-founded by the European Regional Development Fund "Perspektywy RSI Świętokrzyskie – IV etap"  WND – POKL.08.02.02 – 26 – 001/12 Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority VIII,  8.2.Knowledge transfer,  8.2.2 Regional Innovation Strategy


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