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Development of New Products in Synthos S.A.

Ewelina Mikołajska 

Synthos S.A., ul. Chemików 1, Oświęcim 32-600, Poland


The Research and Development activity of the Synthos Group is focused on the development of three strategic areas: synthetic rubber, expandable polystyrene, dispersions and adhesives.

In the last three years Synthos successfully introduced numbers of products in all strategic areas. Presentation will include the most important of them: polybutadiene rubbers based on a neodymium catalyst (NdBR), expandable polystyrene with improved insulations properties and adhesives for wood in all classes of water resistance.

In 2015 Synthos will start production of solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) and low-cis polybutadiene rubber (BR) for tire application. The SSBR and NdBR grades are applied to high performance tire applications. Tires based on these rubbers have lower rolling resistance and better wet grip.

Presentation will also include information on the major projects run by Synthos R&D Department:

a) development of new functionalized grades of SSBR and NdBR (in-chain, chain-end) to improve silica filler dispersion in rubber matrix, which enables further improving of mentioned tire properties

b) development of two new production process for butadiene, one through direct fermentation of biomass, second by catalytic conversion of ethanol.


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Presentation: Invited Oral at Nano PL 2014, Symposium A, by Ewelina Mikołajska
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