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Successful Market Introduction of Multi-Functional Nano-Coatings

Helmut Schmid 

Fraunhofer ICT, Joseph-von-Fraunhofer 7, Pfinztal 76327, Germany


Artificial Nanotechnology is a broad cross-section technology, which includes both physical and chemical technologies. Within the chemical nanotechnology - coatings with additional functionalities are important. Special effects that are expected from nanotechnology, for example are a viewing angle-dependent color impression, plasmons/luminescence effects and - as a function of temparature - switchable thermochromic effects. To formulate such systems, the nano-agents must be coupled with suitable polymers, which also have to meet high requirements in terms of liability, optimized surface hardness in combination with sufficient elasticity.

The aim of such product-oriented research, such as the Fraunhofer Society at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal (Germany ) operates, is ultimately - having achieved sophisticated results, process stability, quality assurance and homologation - to organize and establish production technology in order to introduce these systems into the market. This is possible only in cooperation with other partners that are already anchored in these markets with the capability to cover marketing and distribution aspects completely.

The paper uses the example of wire coatings, which are applied in the form of woven wire mesh as facade cladding in architectural applications and points out all steps - starting from research and development - up to successful product market introduction.


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Submitted: 2014-05-16 11:39
Revised:   2014-05-16 11:42