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Gate2Growth, from Innovation to Business. The G2G financial services and relaed pan-European networks.

Niko Van Goubergen 

Brabo Ventures, St. Jacobsmarkt, Antwerp 2000, Belgium


A hands-on service for entrepreneurs
The Gate2Growth Business Matching team is a dedicated group of experts with excellent long term investor relations and an outstanding track record in business plan development. The team is working on a daily basis with companies and evaluates about 100 business plans per month. The Business Matching team invests quality time and represents a real ‘gate to finance’ for innovative start-ups looking for venture capital. The team effort in the preparation of start-ups entertains regular, pro-active contact with investors across Europe, in various industry sectors and with different focus in type and amount of investment. Their in-depth knowledge of the investment process ensures an increasedquality of investor presentations. Through the interactive network of Gate2Growth, the Business Matching team has direct links with the main European players in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

For innovative entrepreneurs, the Business Matching team provides hands-on tools and services for business plan development and pro-active support in finding the right investor to raise money for their innovative venture. Entrepreneurs can use both online tools on the Gate2Growth website and offline support directly provided by theBusiness Matching team.

A win-win situation for entrepreneurs and investors

Win-win for entrepreneurs

Through the direct contact with the Business Matching team qualified entrepreneurs experience a pragmatic approach that puts their business plan on top of the pile of investors in Europe. This includes:
• Help in preparing information for pitching to investors
• Identification of relevant investors across Europe
• Access to a personal network of investment managers in top Venture Capital companies
• Saving management time.

Win-win for investors
Only when quality business plans have been prepared, the companies are presented to investors. Business Plan p


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Presentation: invited oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004, Funding Workshop, by Niko Van Goubergen
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

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