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Behind the Scenes at EUMINAfab a European Infrastructure for micro and nano fabrication and characterisation.

Susan Anson 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe 76131, Germany


Innovative ideas based on solutions using micro and nano fabrication technologies require access not only to high end equipment but also the essential highly skilled personnel. It is not possible for SME’s or even most research departments to justify investment in a comprehensive range of technologies and trained personnel, especially when the need is to try out the feasibility of a new idea or develop a one off tool. 

EUMINAfab is a European Research Infrastructure which seeks to address these challenges with the principles of open innovation. The consortium of 10 partners offers no fee access, to 36 installations representing over 70 technologies based at leading micro and nano fabrication facilities across Europe. Accompanying the availability of equipment with an investment value of over 200M€ are 40 technology experts ready to advise from the first concept of a project idea.

This presentation will give an overview of the technologies available to external users, and describe the behind the scenes activities which are working to acheive a comparability of the technologies and identify and develop new process chains fitting to the requirements of users.


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Submitted: 2010-07-19 12:40
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