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Enhancement of sensitivity and selectivity in SPR detection of DNA point mutation by polymeric microspheres


Keio University, Science and Engineering, Hiyoshi Yokohama, Japan


Polymeric microspheres were used to enhance the sensitivity and selectivity in the detection of DNA point mutation by SPR biosensor. First, Single-stranded DNA probes were immobilized onto epoxy group-derivatized gold surfaces and the hybridization of DNA targets was monitored. The SPR response was small. The subsequent interaction with DNA-carrying microspheres enhanced the response due to the significant increase of mass bound to the targets. After this, the flow rate of the buffer solution was increased during the event of dissociation. The increase in shear stress resulted in the detachment of DNA-carrying microspheres hybridized with the mismatched pair and so the increase in the ability to discriminate a point mutation. The same effect was observed by the increase in the viscosity of buffer solution. Thus, the polymeric microspheres contributed to the enhancement of sensitivity and selectivity in detection of DNA point mutation.


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Presentation: invited oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004, Symposium B, by HARUMA KAWAGUCHI
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

Submitted: 2004-05-05 13:33
Revised:   2009-06-08 12:55