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Hybrid Ti-ceramic bionanomaterials for medical engineering

Katarzyna Niespodziana 1Karolina E. Jurczyk 2Mieczysław Jurczyk 1Andrzej Miklaszewski 1

1. Poznań Technical University, pl. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5, Poznań 60-965, Poland
2. Univ. of Medical Sciences in Poznań, Dept. of Conservative Dentistry, Poznań, Poland

In the last decade a great interest has been observed in the field of nanoscale materials. Commercially pure titanium as well as titanium alloys have become predominant in implantology. Low hardness and poor tribiological properties of titanium alloys may become critical factor when wear phenomena are involved. One of the methods that allow the change of properties of Ti alloys is to the production of nanocomposite, which will exhibit the favorable mechanical properties of titanium and excellent biocompatibility and bioactivity of ceramics. In this work hybrid Ti-x vol% ceramic (hydroxyapatite (HA), 45S5 Bioglass (SiO2-45 wt%, P2O5-6 wt%, CaO-24.5 wt%, Na2O-24.5 wt%), SiO2, Al2O3) bionanocomposites (x=0, 3 and 10) were produced by the combination of mechanical alloying (MA) and powder metallurgical process. The average size of produced nanocomposites was about 30 nm. Reinforced by HA, 45S5 Bioglass, SiO2 or Al2O3 particles, Vickers hardness of Ti-based nanocomposite is higher from two to five times from that of pure microcrystalline Ti. Additionally, the experimental results show that in Ringer’s solution at 37oC, Ti-based nanocomposites have good corrosion resistance. For example, the Ti-10 vol% SiO2 nanocomposite possesses higher corrosion resistance and thus higher corrosion current densities (Ic= 3.74·10-8 A/cm2) than microcrystalline titanium (Ic= 1.31·10-5 A/cm2). On the other hand, our results of in vitro studies show that these bionanocomposites have excellent biocompatibility and could integrate with bone.

Fig. 1. Mean values of hardness of studied Ti-ceramic nanocomposites:

A - Ti (microcrystalline),

B - Ti-3 vol% HA,

C - Ti-10 vol% HA,

D - Ti-3 vol% 45S5 Bioglass,

E - Ti-10 vol% 45S5 Bioglass

, F - Ti-3 vol% SiO2,

G - Ti-10 vol% SiO2,

H - Ti-3 vol% Al2O3,I - Ti-10 vol% Al2O3.

The financial support of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the contract No. N507 071 32/2092 is gratefully acknowledged.


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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009, Symposium H, by Katarzyna Niespodziana
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Submitted: 2009-05-11 19:01
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:48