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Induced magnetic phase transitions in ferromagnetic semiconductors under high pressure 

Rasul K. Arslanov 1Ahmedbek Y. Mollaev 1Ibrahimkhan K. Kamilov 1Temirlan R. Arslanov 1Ullubii Z. Zalibekov 1Vladimir M. Novotorzev 2Sergey F. Marenkin 2Irina V. Fedorchenko 2

1. Institute of Physics of DSC, RAS, Makhachkala 367003, Russian Federation
2. Institute of common and inorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IONX), Moscow 119334, Russian Federation


Magnetic phase transitions were found and studied in ferromagnetic semiconductors Cd1-xMnxGeP2 and Cd1-xMnxGeAs2 according to change of magnetic dynamic penetrability at high hydrostatic pressure up to 9 GPa. Measurement were carried out in high pressure devise of “Toroid” type, dynamic magnetic penetrability m was measured by fluctuation method, and then recalculated into magnetic susceptibility χ according to formula χ=(μ-1)/4π.

Figures show dependencies of relative magnetic susceptibility χ/χoo– value of magnetic susceptibility at atmospheric pressure) for samples Cd1-xMnxGeP2 and
Cd1-xMnxGeAs2. Figure at the right shows dependence χ(P)/χo for Cd1-xMnxGeAs2. It is seen from figure that maximum χ(P)/χo moves to lower pressures from P=2 GPa for x=0.06 up to P=1.6 GPa for x=0.3 with increase of percent content of manganese (x). The amplitude of maximum on the on the contrary grows with increase of percent content of manganese. The same situation is observed on Cd1-xMnxGeP2 with x=0.9 and x=0.18. It follows from analysis of dependence χ(P)/χo that there takes place spin - reorientation transition ferromagnetic - antiferromagnetic (FM–AFM) in studied samples; the presence of susceptibility shoulder after FM - AFM transition characteristical of antiferromagnetic state testifies it. There were no FM - AFM phase transitions found on base samples Cd1-xMnxGeAs2 and Cd1-xMnxGeP2.

The works has been carried out under financial support of program of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science “Heat physics and mechanics of external energy influences and physics of heavily condensed matter”.


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Submitted: 2009-05-10 14:31
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:48