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Metabolic distresses at the patients with polymer materials using at a polytrauma.


Donetsk State Medicine University, Scientific Research Institute for Traumatology & Orthopeadics (DonIT&Or), 106, Artema St, Donetsk 83048, Ukraine


Treatment of the patients with multiple diaphyseal fractures of bones of extremities - urgent problem, as this kind of traumas is one of the most often causes, which result in physical inability.
Stuffs And methods. With the purpose of research of pathogenetic aspects of a multiple trauma in conditions of research R&D Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedy of Donetsk State Medical University named after M. Gorky term 2000 -2003 years we carry spent complex clinic-laboratory inspection 140 patients.
The summary. The state of metabolic processes in an organism of the injureds was investigated in 1, 7, 14 and 21 days after a trauma. The mathematical processing of results by a method of the main components has allowed to reveal intrinsic frame of metabolic processes of the acute term of a multiple trauma of extremities with polymer materials using and to define its integrated parameters.
Conclusion. It is necessary to note, that since the moment of damage, the injureds with multiple fractures of bones of extremities with polymer materials using have complex metabolic changes, both in a place of fracture, and in an organism as a whole for phylum of a defense reaction on unfavorable environmental factors. Greatest information for an explanation of general metabolic reaction of an organism at a multiple trauma of bones of extremities have the parameters albuminous, carbohydrate and enzyme of exchanges.


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Presentation: oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004, Symposium B, by sergey n. krivenko
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Submitted: 2004-04-23 11:18
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