NanoVelos - biotechnological start-up founded by GIZA Polish Ventures. How VC fund may turn your idea into the company with a global perspective

Dariusz Smoleń 

NanoVelos Sp. z o.o. (NV), Trakt Lubelski, Warszawa 04-870, Poland


NanoVelos is a bio-medical start-up founded by GIZA Polish Ventures VC fund. Our technology is a universal drug delivery system based on polysaccharide nanoparticles. The encapsulated drug or substance is connected with our nanoparticles by the covalent bonding which allows us to produce stable particles able to circulate in vascular system even for few days and have a fully controlled drug release mechanism. Application of NanoVelos drug delivery system for known drugs improves therapy efficiency and reduce side effects. NanoVelos system is directed to drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements and veterinary products.

From the beginning our team was focused on searching for practical solutions in the fields of medicine and pharmacy so that we chose VC funding support as the way to transfer our idea from laboratory to market products.

Giza Polish Ventures (GPV) Fund – our investor, is a Venture Capital fund with a professional back-up provided by the Israeli company Giza Venture Capital. The company was established in 1992 and currently manages funds worth over USD 600 million. Over the past 20 years on the market, Giza VC has made almost 100 investments in Israel, Europe, the United States and Asia and has achieved more than 35 successful exits. Giza Investment professionals contribute with wealth of expertise and experience in communications, semiconductors, information technologies, enterprise software, the life sciences and medical equipment, clean technologies, media, the Internet and entertainment. Thanks to its experienced team, Giza has become one of the leading Israeli VC groups and has led to the following winning investments: Zoran – digital entertainment, M-Systems (currently Sandisk), Libit (currently TI), Actimize (acquired by Nice), Danen Technology, BioLineRX and others. Moreover, Giza VC established an office in Singapore in 2001 and in recent years has been pursuing investment opportunities in Taiwan-based companies. Giza VC is also actively engaged in supporting the Israeli company portfolio in developing and partnering in Taiwan and South-East Asia.

GPV Fund mainly invests in early stage companies and technology start-ups in Poland. The aim of the Fund is to use the broad investment experience and international network of business contacts of the Giza VC company as well as expert knowledge of the Polish team on identifying local companies and teams with extraordinary international development potential.

The aim of presentation is to describe you through the NanoVelos story, how VC fund may turn your scientific idea into the company with a global perspective. It will present the challenges and opportunities from both sides perspective. Finally it will suggest you a few tips how to become a successful inventor in partnership with a global VC fund.

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Presentation: Invited oral at Nano and Advanced Materials Workshop and Fair, by Dariusz Smoleń
See On-line Journal of Nano and Advanced Materials Workshop and Fair

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