Comparison of Silicon Versus III-V Semiconductor Material Choice for Terahertz Imaging with Fast Field Effect Transistors Based Detectors

Wojciech Knap 1Maciej Sakowicz 1Hadley Videlier 1Frederic Teppe 1Dominique Coquillat 1Jerzy Łusakowski 2Krzysztof Karpierz 2

1. CNRS - Universite Montpellier 2 (GES), Place Eugene Bataillon, Montpellier 34095, France
2. Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw, Hoża 69, Warszawa 00-681, Poland


Resonant frequencies of the two-dimensional plasma in field effect transistors (FETs) increase with the reduction of the channel dimensions and can reach the THz range for micrometer and sub-micrometer channel lengths 1,2. Non linear properties of the electron gas in the transistor channel can be used for the detection of THz radiation. The possibility of tunable narrow band detection in sub-THz and THz range, related to plasma resonances, has been demonstrated for short gate transistors at cryogenic temperatures. At room temperatures - the plasma oscillations are usually strongly damped, but FETs can still operate as an efficient broadband detector in the THz range. We present the main theoretical and experimental results on THz detection by FETs in the context of their possible application for THz imaging. We discuss in details the importance of the material issue – comparing III-V GaAs 3-5 and GaN HEMTs with Silicon MOSFET technology 6.

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Presentation: Invited oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009, Symposium D, by Wojciech Knap
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