Welcome to EUMINAfab Workshop , which will be held on 14th September 2010 in Warsaw, as a satellite event to the 2010 E-MRS Fall meeting. It will be carried out jointly with the Conference Nanotechnologia PL, gathering polish Nanotechnology industry.

The event starts at 17.00, after the Nanotechnologia PL lectures. 

Venue is: Central Campus of the Warsaw University of Technology, Plac Politechniki 1, 00-661, Warsaw, Poland. Participation for registered persons is free. Please register either at this web page or at the web page  Nanotechnologia PL

The event is followed by the E-MRS Fall Meting (see  web page). 

The aim of the workshop is to present the services members of the EUMINAfab network can offer to SMEs and researchers in the area of nanotechnology and nano-characterisation.

Innovative ideas based on solutions using micro and nano fabrication technologies require access not only to high end equipment but also the essential highly skilled personnel. It is not possible for SME’s or even most research departments to justify investment in a comprehensive range of technologies and trained personnel, especially when the need is to try out the feasibility of a new idea or develop a one off tool.

EUMINAfab is a European Research Infrastructure which seeks to address these challenges with the principles of open innovation. The consortium of 10 partners offers no fee access, to 36 installations representing over 70 technologies based at leading micro and nano fabrication facilities across Europe. Accompanying the availability of equipment with an investment value of over 200M€ are 40 technology experts ready to advise from the first concept of a project idea.

Users from European member and associated states may gain access to one or several of the installations by completing a simple application form which is subject to peer review. Costs of access are covered by the project which is funded under the FP7 programme Capacities.

Further details can be found on-line under www.euminafab.eu or by email [email protected] .

The series of talks will give an across introduction to the technologies available, describe the workings of the infrastructure and offer the opportunity for consultation with some of our technology experts.


EUMINAfab is your gateway to the state of the art of multimaterial micro and nanotechnologies. By combining scientific expertise with technological capabilities, EUMINAfab provides you with innovative and efficient solutions to your challenges in the area of micro and nanofabrication of functional structures and devices out of a knowledge-based multimaterials’ repertoire.

Free-of-cost access in case of public work to 36 installations.

Online proposal for access to facilities submission through the EUMINAfab


There will be four presentations with the opportunity of interested participants to consult technology experts directly. Provisional programme:

"EUMINAfab: Behind the scenes of a European research infrastructure for multimaterial micro and nano manufacture" by Susan Anson, KIT

"Optical and sensor applications", by a technology expert from TEKNIKER

"Applications for replication tools", by a technology expert from  Cardiff University

"Fine nano structures", by a technology expert from  Philips research MiPlaza


Small Hall in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Address: Plac Politechniki 1, 00-661, Warsaw, Poland.

For venue and local information, please visit the E-MRS Fall Meting web page.