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Marek Berkowski



Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics

address: al. Lotników 32/46, Warszawa, 02-668, Poland
phone: +48-22-8436601
fax: +48-22-8430926


  1. Crystal structure and thermal expansion of PrGaO_3 in the temperature range 10-1253 K
  2. EPR and optical properties of PbMoO4:Co single crystals
  3. Growth and characterization of Li2B4O7 single crystals pure and doped with Co ions
  4. Growth and EPR properties of NdVO4, HoVO4 and NdVO4 single crystals
  5. Growth and Magnetic properties of rubidium rare earth double tungstates single crystals.
  6. High-pressure diffraction study of structural and elastic properties of zircon-type and scheelite-type RVO4 (R = Nd, Eu)
  7. Magnetic and optical properties of  Li0.28Na1.72Ge4O9:Cr, Mn (0.1mol%) single crystals
  8. Origin of the negative thermal expansion in perovskite-type PrGaO_3
  9. Strain relaxation in thin films of LaSrCuO grown by pulsed laser deposition
  10. Structural instabilities in LnGaO3 perovskites at high pressures
  11. Surface charging of crystalline oxides in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy - examples of LiNbO3 , Lu2SiO5 and LuVO4
  12. Temperature dependence of PL and EPR spectra of Sr0.33Ba0.67Nb2O6:Cr (0.02mol.%) single crystals
  13. Temperature Raman scattering study of CaAl0.5Ta0.5O3 crystal
  14. The effect of film-substrate mismatch on the properties of superconducting YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta} films
  15. The enhancement of vortex pinning in ferromagnet-superconductor bilayers
  16. Transport and magnetic properties of La_{2/3}Pb_{1/3}MnO_3 thin films
  17. Twin structure of LSGMO crystals studied by Laue method

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