Composite materials have been developed to meet increasing demands for materials possessing a broad array of desirable properties.  In general, the reinforcing material and the matrix material comprise any combination of metals, ceramics, polymers, nanomaterials. The utility and versatility of composites has resulted in their use within a wide variety of applications, ranging from aircraft and marine structural components to sporting goods.

The development of materials science during last 50-60 years is inseparably linked with the creation of composite materials consist of two or more distinct components with interfaces to be distinguished by chemical composition, structure and physical and mechanical characteristics but at the same time together forming the new structure of material with the principally new useful complex of physical and mechanical and performance properties.

Only on the base of composite materials (natural, for example, metal eutectic and synthetic such as reinforced heterogenous inorganic and organic materials) it became possible the production of high temperature and high-strength details and constructions with high thermal and electrical conductivity, unique magnetic and tribotechnical properties. Composite materials can be characterized by various complex of functional properties.  Manufacturing of the products from composite materials is realized by the means of solid and liquid phase technologies, chemical and physical sputtering and various ways of deposition and etc.

The program of our symposium will cover the detailed discussion of the problems concerning the composite materials development and the manufacturing of the products from these materials: from the theory to the ways of their practical realization.


The Main Topics of Symposium I

Basic science views (modeling, design, forecast)

Composites with ceramic matrix

Composites with polymer matrix

Composites with metal matrix

Carbon containing composites


Development of International Cooperation (FP7, Eureka, COST etc.)

  Tentative list of invited speakers

Kollar Laszlo (Hungary)   lkollar@eik.bme.hu; kollar@almos.vein.hu

Uvarova Iryna (Ukraine)   uvarova@ipms.kiev.ua

Mileiko Sergey (Russia)   mileiko@issp.ac.ru

Klaus Friedrich (Germany)   klaus.friedrich@friedrich-fgt.de

Kostikov Valeriy (Russia)   nii grafit@gmail.com; niigraf@bk.ru (for Kostikov V.I.)

Milman Yuliy (Ukraine)   milman@ipms.kiev.ua

Panin Victor (Russia)   pav@ispms.tsc.ru

Chaim Rachman (Israel)   rchaim@tx.technion.ac.il

Dariel Moshe( Israel)   dariel@bgumail.bgu.ac.il

Faryna Marek (Poland)   nmfaryna@imim-pan.krakow.pl

Fantozzi Gilbert (France)   gilbert.fantozzi@insa-lyon.fr

Jones Frank (United Kingdom)   f.r.jones@sheffield.ac.uk

Barsoum Michel (USA)   barsoumw@drexel.edu

Shabalin Igor (United Kingdom)   i.shabalin@salford.ac.uk

Pedzich Zbigniew (Poland)   pedzich@uci.agh.edu.pl

 Organizing committee members

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Sakka Yoshio (Japan)   SAKKA.Yoshio@nims.go.jp

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Zalite Ilmars (Latvia)   ilmars@nki.lv

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