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17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17

began: 2013-08-11
ended: 2013-08-16


  1. Analysis of density waves in CdSe, SiC, and diamond nanocrystals by application of NanoPDF software package to experimental Pair Distribution Functions.
  2. Analysis of short and long range atomic order in nanocrystalline diamonds with application of powder diffractometry
  3. Application of powder diffraction methods to the analysis of the atomic structure of nanocrystals: the concept of the apparent lattice parameter (alp)
  4. Application of X-ray powder diffraction to nano-materials; determination of the atomic structure of nanocrystals with relaxed and strained surfaces
  5. Are nanocrystalline powders two-phase materials: predictions and experimental evidence
  6. Atomic structure of nanocrystals and in situ synthesis x-ray studies of nanocomposites
  7. Determination of a two-phase structure of nanocrystals: GaN, SiC, diamond
  8. Diffraction studies of nanocrystals: theory and experiment
  9. Effect of the chemical state of the surface on the relaxation of the surface shell atoms in SiC and GaN nanocrystals
  10. Examination of the atomic Pair Distribution Function (PDF) of SiC nanocrystals by in-situ high pressure diffraction
  11. Generation and relaxation of microstrains in GaN nanocrystals under extreme pressures
  12. Strain in Nanocrysttaline Powders of GaN and SiC as Measured by X-ray Diffraction
  13. X-ray powder diffraction study of atomic structure of nanocrystalline materials


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