Recent initiatives to create a materials community in Europe

Jean Pierre Massué ,  Gabriel Crean ,  Paul Siffert 

European Materials Research Society, Headquarters, BP 20, Strasbourg 67037, France


On the globalized world market, the competition has become extremely strong and new countries become increasingly active in RDT and even high tech activities. At the Lisbon European Summit it was decided that Europe should strongly increase its efforts in research and innovation. Until presently, not too much bas been achieved and even if it has become quite clear that without a very active RDT in Europe it will not be possible to maintain the level of the present GNP, and consequently certain jobs. In the field of materials, one considers that about 10 million jobs are related to "materials" ("metallurgy" in OECD terminology)

During this presentation, we shall review the different initiatives we have taken in the frame of the legalised "European Materials Forum"(EMF) over the last year. Presently, most of the European or national societies dealing with materials are directly or associated to EMF, in total over 130. During the last year, our efforts have been directly into the following directions:

  • Establish stronger links among the researchers in the 25 European countries involved in the field of materials; try to involve also other European not in the Union
  • Advocate for a more efficient and more transparent RDT policy in Europe
  • Develop a new model for INNOVATION, bridging research to industry and investors
  • Elaborate a model for a testing at small scale of the European Institute of Technology (EIT)
  • Launch common actions through the existing European instruments

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Presentation: Invited oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006, Plenary Session, by Jean Pierre Massué
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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