Spectroscopic and magnetic properties of gadolinium macroacyclic and macrobicyclic complexes

Grzegorz Leniec 1Slawomir M. Kaczmarek 1Janusz Typek 1Beata Kolodziej 2Eugeniusz Grech 2

1. Technical University of Szczecin, Institute of Physics (TUS), al. Piastów 48, Szczecin 70-311, Poland
2. Technical University of Szczecin, Institute of Chemical and Environment Engineering, Pulaskiego 10, Szczecin 70-322, Poland


The macroacyclic and macrobicyclic complexes are able to select charged and neutral molecules; based on this concept they are often used in the activation and catalysis processes. These kind of complexes arising as an effect of adding of lantanide ion to the ligand, being also homogeneous catalysts, are often applied, e.g., as electron transfer agents in cleavage of DNA and RNA. They can be conjugated to RNA or DNA oligomers forming some kind of artificial enzymes. Undoubtedly, these specific artificial enzymes could be essential tools for biotechnology in the future.

Current interest is focused on the design of new active catalysts that one can also easy undergo to derivatization. The ideal catalyst should possess one or more metal ions in the active site. Lanthanide ions that are able to cut nucleic acids, can form, moreover, a variety of coordination compounds in aqueous solution.

In this paper discussion on the structure and interactions between donor lantanide ions inside the podants and cryptates is presented. The analysis of EPR and IR spectra of gadolinium macroacyclic and macrobicyclic complexes was used to deduce the environment of the host metal site in the terms of local symmetry and coordination number.

I thank for financial support of my participation in E-MRS 2006 given from a Nationwide Polish Catalytic Network" Nanomaterials as Catalysts for New, Environmentally Friendly Processes" (Grzegorz Leniec).

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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006, Symposium B, by Grzegorz Leniec
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

Submitted: 2006-05-15 11:26
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