Electrochemical characteristics and interaction with anions of homo- and heterodinuclear biscyclidene Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes bridged by two di-aza-18-crown-6 ethers

Katarzyna Zięba ,  Joanna Taraszewska ,  Bohdan Korybut-Daszkiewicz ,  Jarosław Kowalski ,  Stefania Pawłowska 

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Kasprzaka 44/52, Warszawa 01-224, Poland
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Kasprzaka 44/52, Warszawa 01-224, Poland


In our previous work we studied mono-nuclear Cu(II) and Ni(II) cyclidene complexes functionalised with one or two aza-crown ethers [1].

The aim of present studies was the synthesis and physicochemical characterisation of dinuclear complexes containing two cyclidene metal ion coordinating units, linked by two diaza-18-crown-6 ethers. Two the of studied complexes were homodinuclear and one of them was heterodinuclear containing copper(II) and nickel(II) cyclidens in the same molecule. Structure of studied complexes is presented in Scheme 1.


Scheme 1

In our studies, we focused on investigation of electrochemical properties of bismacrocyclic compounds. Especially, interaction between metal centers and behaviour in the presence of small molecules, which could be accommodated in the cavity, was interesting for us. The influence of the presence of anionic guests of different shape and size on electrochemical properties of studied complexes will be presented.

[1] B. Korybut-Daszkiewicz, J. Taraszewska, K. Zięba, A. Makal, K. Woźniak, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., (2004) 3335.

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Presentation: Poster at SMCBS'2005 Workshop, by Katarzyna Zięba
See On-line Journal of SMCBS'2005 Workshop

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