Analysis of the optical properties of Pr3+-Yb3+ ions in codoped transparent oxyfluoride glass ceramics. Application for 1300 nm optical amplifier

felipe manuel rosa gonzalez ,  Inocencio R. Martín ,  Fernando Lahoz ,  José M. Cáceres ,  Víctor Lavín ,  Jose M. Calvilla-Quintero ,  Sara González-Pérez 

Universidad La Laguna, La Laguna 38206, Spain


A study of the optical properties of Pr3+-Yb3+ ions in oxyfluoride glass and glass ceramics has been carried out. The transparent oxyfluoride glass ceramics were obtained just by thermal treatment of the glass (30SiO2+15Al2O3+29CdF2+22PbF2+(4-x-y)YF3+xPrF3+ yYbF3) at 470º C for 36 h to precipitate nanocrystallites without loss of transparency. An important feature of these materials, relevant to devices such lasers and amplifiers, is that rare-earth dopants preferentially segregate into the fluoride nanocrystals phase when cerammed, and thus reside low phonon energy sites.

The cross section emissions at 1300 nm corresponding to the 1G4->3H5 transition of Pr3+ ions have been obtained and compared for the glass and glass ceramics samples. Due to the ceramming process the linewidth of this transition is reduced about 12 % and the spontaneous emission probability is increased about 18 %. Consequently, an increase of the emission stimulated cross section by a factor 1.4 is obtained.

This interesting transition coming from the 1G4 level of Pr3+ ions could be efficiently excited from energy transfer process from Yb3+ ions. So, the energy transfer processes among Yb3+ and Pr3+ ions under excitation at 980 nm have bee extensively studied. From the fits of the fluorescence decays of Yb3+ ions it could be concluded that the most of rare earth ions are placed in the nanocrystalline environment and participate in an efficient energy transfer process from Yb3+ to Pr3+ ions.

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Presentation: poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005, Laser Ceramic Symposium, by felipe manuel rosa gonzalez
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

Submitted: 2005-05-20 16:14
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