Sources of financing the innovation activity in polish companies in the years 2007-2013

Dorota Starzyńska 

University of Lodz, Faculty of Management, Department of Finance and Strategic Management, Łódź 90-237, Poland


In highly developed countries research, knowledge and education-based innovation is the principal driving force of increased efficiency and productivity of the economy. However, creating innovation is not as simple as it might seem. It is a long and arduous process calling enterprises for a lot of patience and often substantial R&D outlays. Nevertheless, without innovation enterprises would not be able to meet clients’ needs by, at least, creating new product solutions. Besides, innovation in enterprises improves their competitive capacity, which, in turn, helps them achieve above-average economic efficiency.

Expenditures on innovation activity can be analyzed by type of activity and sources of financing. The aim of the paper is identification the changes in financing the expenditures on innovation activities in industrial enterprises and in service sector enterprises in the years 2007-2014. The analysis is based on the data coming from Central Statistical Office in Poland.


Presentation: Poster at Current Economic and Social Topics 2015, by Dorota Starzyńska
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Submitted: 2015-12-07 14:31
Revised:   2015-12-07 14:31